A Truly Super Groom

You have to love a groom who can banish General Zod from the reception!

I think you also have to love a bride and groom who have a sense of humor. As much as I love a good solemn wedding ceremony, I believe wholeheartedly that there is plenty of room for horseplay and general merriment at wedding receptions… and even in ceremonies. I cracked up during mine, for example, because I couldn’t read part of the wedding vows I’d so carefully written down. Oops! When I paused and squinted at my sheet of college ruled, you could hear guests shifting uncomfortably in their seats. But when I lost my you-know-what, everyone else had a good laugh, too. My advice to brides and grooms everywhere? Don’t be afraid to have fun!

One Response to “A Truly Super Groom”

  1. Twistie says:

    (giggles, a lot)

    I’m with you, NtB. A bit of well-placed humor in an appropriate vein only makes the event more eventful. Also, there is nothing that makes an awkward moment pass more quickly and easily than knowing the principle participants are willing to see the humor in it.

    In fact, one of the most delightfully memorable moments from any wedding I ever attended was one where the boom box providing the ceremony music decided to die just as the bridal party turned to do the recessional. After about two seconds of silence, the bride burst out laughing. In the end, the whole bridal party processed to the sound of joyful laughter. What better music could there possibly be?

    This little sketch is made of awesome. It’s honestly funny, it doesn’t go on too long, and it clearly has meaning for the bridal couple. I highly approve.