Twistie’s Fourth of July Caption Madness: The Result

Hey ho, campers!

Some of our more discerning readers may remember that last saturday was the Fourth of July. They may further remember the lovely picture I posted for the occasion. For those who don’t, here it is:

Patriotic Wedding Cake

I promised a sort of Saturday Caption Madness result in addition to my regular saturday article, and I got a couple great responses. Of course, on saturday as on sunday, there can be but one winner. Today, that winner is perletwo for this sage warning to all brides who consider dazzling their guests with indoor fireworks:

Bob and Susie’s wedding reception was a real blast!

The repair bills for the reception hall ceiling after one of the Roman candles in the wedding cake went live, however, were not.

Congratulations, perletwo, and thanks to everyone who played!

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