LOVE/HATE: The ‘Ring Solo!’ Edition

Previously, we’ve gabbed about the old wedding photography standards, like the bride applying her makeup in the mirror, the bride and groom touching foreheads, and the ringbearer sneaking a finger full of wedding cake buttercream. But how about the “look at our wedding rings” shot?

The Beard and I both thought of wedding ring photos as kind of silly, but we did it anyway and have a lovely photograph of his hand supporting my hand holding our rings on top of my bridal bouquet. And I’ll admit that I also took a picture of our wedding rings, still in their boxes, on top of our marriage license application.


While the hands of the bride and groom (or bride and bride and groom and groom) usually play a starring role in wedding ring portraiture, sometimes the rings themselves steal the show, like in this photo from Critsey Rowe Photography.

I’m leaning toward love, not just of this unique wedding ring portrait, but of ring photos themselves. Many long years ago, I didn’t really care for them, and I still don’t think that they are the kind of thing one looks back on and sighs. That’s reserved for pictures of the bride kissing her dad on the cheek before they head down the aisle or covert snapshots of quiet unplanned moments between the newlyweds. Still, I’m surprised at how much I’ve grown to like my own ring portraits, and I think they do make a fun addition to a wedding album.

What say you?

6 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The ‘Ring Solo!’ Edition”

  1. Linda says:

    I’m a fan of the ring shots, but I think they are getting slightly over done.

  2. MET says:

    It really depends for me. I think ring shots can get cheesy depending on how they are done. Personally, I love the one in your post, but I have seen plenty others that I do not.
    I am definitely not a fan of putting the couple in a lovely pose and then positioning their hands awkwardly just to see the rings. it makes the shot so fake.

  3. La Petite Acadienne says:

    Chalk up another one who says it depends on how it’s done. My wedding photographer has a thing for taking photos of the bride’s shoes, which in the hands of someone with less talent, could be a nightmare. (I’ll link one, but am not sure if it’ll show up properly or not, where it’s from his Facebook page.)

    In the hands of a talented, creative, artistic photographer with good taste, it’s impossible to be cheesy.

  4. Nony Mouse says:

    Our ring photos are on the front page of our album. Because our photographer wasn’t really about posing very much (probably because we weren’t), when he said, “Show me your rings!” he wasn’t asking for a specific pose… And what happened was we both held out our hands, palms towards us, in an almost defiant posture. You can almost hear the “Hah! See?” in our body language. The crossed hands on the marriage certificate? Not so much.

  5. Johanna says:

    Cheesy and seen a thousand times already, usually, I say, but still I loved the photo of our engagement rings. We were playing Guitar Hero on one guitar controller and our photographer friend took one of our hands on the keys with the rings showing. Extremely cheesy but totally us. <3

    (Here if you’re curious.)

  6. daisyj says:

    As for this photo: don’t hate, but looks a bit too much like a de Beers ad for “love.” Maybe if they were your own rings you’d feel differently, but to me this makes it more about the items than the wearing.