The Bride and Groom? It’s Just How They Roll.

First came the Katamari Damacy wedding cake, then came the complete
Katamari Damacy wedding. Aidra Frazier and Ernest Leitch were having trouble planning their dream wedding until one (or perhaps both) of them hit upon the idea of taking inspiration from the aforementioned video game. Their dream wedding came to life, complete with big headpieces, a Katamari cake, and even Katamari corsages for beloved relatives.

Of course a picture is worth a thousand descriptive words, so check out these brilliant photos taken by Idaho wedding photographer Kristin Shultz, who I would certainly want shooting my wedding if I was both in Idaho and getting married again.






It may not be the classiest wedding or the most elegant one, but I bet you anything it was hellsa fun. Heck, I see more laughter in the photoset than you see at most weddings. Kudos to Aidra and Ernest for a job well done!

(As seen, well, everywhere!)

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  1. Toni says:

    Her ring was lovely.