Homeward Bound?

Somewhere a newly-married woman is probably very unhappy. What we know for sure is that there is one unhappy wedding dress in the Lincoln County Highway Department shop in Tomahawk. It sits surrounded by oil and machinery in its gown preservation box, wondering just where its owner is.


Now isn’t that a sorry sight? I gave my wedding gown to the church, but if I’d wanted to keep it to perhaps pass on to a daughter or just gaze upon it lovingly at 80 years of age, I know I’d be devastated at its loss. Especially its loss in the middle of a county highway, where it could have been tire fodder for hungry 18-wheelers.

Stanley Gustafson saw the box Aug. 18 lying in traffic on Highway 51 in the town of Bradley as vehicles swerved to miss it. What Gustafson found inside the box was unlike anything he’s found in his 19 years working for the highway department

“Most of the times it’s garbage I find,” Gustafson said. “I can’t say I found anything good. This is probably the most valuable.” [He added] that the dress likely fell or blew out of a vehicle and was not intentionally thrown.

Of course, perhaps Gustafson is incorrect, and the gown got streeted.

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