This is a Cake PSA

It’s the centerpiece of your reception. It’s one of the things the majority of guests will have a strong opinion about. It’s your wedding cake. Please take care when choosing not only the look, but the contents and the way you choose to interact with it.

I could talk all day about how to handle these decisions, but I find – as have the poets down the ages – that a picture paints a thousand words…not that that will stop me commenting on them. Here are some examples of what to avoid. They are placed behind the cut for the faint of heart and at least one is most definitely not work safe.

Twistie and Manolo for the Brides take no responsibility for any: seizures, coffee-stained monitors, or nightmares resulting from these images. You have been warned.

Rule #1: More stands do not equal greater classiness.

Rule #2: If you intend to smash cake in each others’ faces, please for the love of whatever deity you believe in, or at least for the sake of the pictures, do not choose red velvet cake.

Rule #3: When choosing an unusual cake, be sure to inspect it from all angles to make sure it won’t cause smutty giggles from the middle school crowd or give great-grandma a heart attack.

Rule #4: This is perhaps the most important cake rule of all. When serving cake at your wedding, be certain that any and all Richard Bransons have been removed from the area.

6 Responses to “This is a Cake PSA”

  1. Alexandra says:

    There will be NO slamming of wedding cake in face at my wedding. Absolutely not.

  2. Fenny says:

    Hey Twistie, just a quick drive by to wish you Happy Birthday. I don’t know where else you hang out these days, so I came looking for you.

    Hope you have a super fantastic day. xxxxx

  3. Fabrisse says:

    I keep feeling like the top one should have gone whole hog and turned it in to a Stargate cake.

    As for number three, I scared a bird off my balcony I was laughing so hard.

    Branson may attend, hell he can even smash cake in my face, as long as he pays for the wedding. *G*

  4. Rabrab says:

    I can see the first one working, but with a very different color scheme. The stark difference between the red, white, and open spaces is just distracting. And the amorphous red stuff threaded through the stand array doesn’t help.

  5. Anne says:

    What exactly is the third cake SUPPOSED to be????

  6. Now I’m even happier than we chose not to invite Richard Branson!