Beware! Octobride Approaches!

Some people have a more difficult time finding a wedding gown than others. Take, for example, the sea witch Ursula from the Little Mermaid. She’s an apple aaaaand has six tentacles where her legs ought to be. She would probably look best in a wedding gown that accentuates her most striking features instead of hiding them.

octopus wedding gown

But where to find such a gown? Why, in one of the older collections from Kuwaiti designer Haya Al Houti, of course! Embracing your inner (or outer) octopus on your wedding day has never been easier.

4 Responses to “Beware! Octobride Approaches!”

  1. Linda says:

    Even the model looks unhappy in that dress!

  2. blablover5 says:

    I wanna watch someone dance while carting around four giant tentacles. But on the bright side Doc Oc may have finally found someone he can share 8 limb bliss with.

  3. Jennie says:

    Has Raincoaster ordered it yet? Not to get married in but for a Saturday night in Vancover…

  4. Twistie says:

    Why is it that all I can think of now is the sequence about stealing the mechanical octopus in Ed Wood? (There was a motor?)