It’s Still A Nice Day For a White Wedding

There are so many great wedding color scheme options out there that I sometimes forget that more than a few brides want to be married in (and around) white. The same thing happens when it comes to so-called traditional wedding options. I have a tendency to focus on the more usual types of wedding cakes or dessert tables or reception decor, when the fact is that tradionalesque wedding accessories and decor are always popular. As a means of beginning to correct this oversight, here is some inspiration for those considering a white wedding.

white wedding dessert table

First, the dessert table. Isn’t it lucky that icing sugar, big balloons, and serving platters still come in white? The creamy hydrangeas in the background aren’t exactly white-white, but I think they’re in keeping with the theme.

white wedding receptiont tables

Here, green and a tiny bit of brown offset the white, but a bride could just as easily trade the greenish floral arrangements and brown napkin holders for the same things in different shades of white. Or maybe a very, very light silver that borders on metallic white? Might be nice for a wintertime fete!

white centerpiece

This reception table centerpiece is a good example of how different shades of white can work together. The deep creams give the whole thing an old fashioned look, perfect for those who want to imbue their wedding reception decor with traditional flair.

white wedding cake

Again, here you could swap out the gold border for a cream border or even a white one. Wedding cakes are wonderfully customizable, so if you see something you like, ask your baker to replicate it in your colors.

white wedding party

Finally, we have the bridal party, all dressed in white. It’s an option one doesn’t see very often, but a perfectly appropriate option nonetheless. Just make sure that if you’re the bride, your wedding dress is sufficiently different from that of your bridesmaids so that guests on your new spouse’s side don’t accidentally congratulate the wrong woman!

(Images via Veranda, Bride.Ca, Your Wedding Whisperer, and Bali Wedding Chapels)

2 Responses to “It’s Still A Nice Day For a White Wedding”

  1. Twistie says:

    I dressed my bridesmaids in white. It was lovely. Of course, I then told them to trim their outfits any way they liked and fitted them all up with tartan arisaides, so the effect wasn’t quite as pure white as these pics. The bouquets were quite colorful, too.

    Still, an all white wedding can be lovely, ranging from crisp and chic to soft and ethereal.

    Color lover what I am, I give an all white wedding a big thumbs up, too.

  2. Twistie: I do think one of the nicest things about white is that it’s like a blank canvas for any embellishments one wants to add (or not). I am sure that your bridesmaids’ tartan arisaides were lovely and striking!