‘There are secrets where fairies don’t live.’

Legend of Zelda Wedding

Burleson, TX photographer Fate Couture captured this image of an amazing wedding cupcake table from the wedding of a certain Stephanie Drake, a.k.a. StephLobster. She and her now husband went a decidedly nontraditional route with an “8-bit” depiction of Link, Zelda, and a life heart.

What can we learn from Stephanie? I think the answer is ‘be your own bride.’ If what you want is a video game wedding cake or, heck, a video game wedding, go for it. Or maybe you are leaning toward a barbecue reception and people are trying to dissuade you from it. A rainbow wedding dress? A Renaissance ceremony? Or something equally unusual

If it’s legal, generally in keeping with good taste, and doesn’t hurt anyone, go for it!

3 Responses to “‘There are secrets where fairies don’t live.’”

  1. may be a good idea, not sure about the colour choice!

  2. Sarah C. says:

    I REALLY wish I had thought of this! It’s brilliant, and since you can have a whole assortment of flavors, it’s a bit of everything for everyone.

    And come on, Zelda. Really.

  3. Hals says:

    Haha! I wish I’d thought of this. I’m a HUGE Zelda freak. My H2B is really into gaming, too. So, his cake is going to be an NES with controllers and I bought imported Link and Zelda figurines off eBay to put on top.