Think You Can’t Rock A Mermaid Gown? Think Again!

Can I confess something? I never once considered any wedding gown that didn’t grow substantially wider from the waist down because I wanted to hide my tummy and my hips. I’m slightly ashamed to admit that, since I’ve been telling y’all to forget the body type rules for, oh, forever, but I just couldn’t let go. From sheath dresses to mermaid gowns, I ignored them all, assuming that covering my butt and belly was a core part of Bridal 101.

How very wrong I was is driven home by this photo of an absolutely stunning bride from Ashleigh Taylor Photography:

mermaid wedding dress

Gorgeous, no? This bride is by no means fat, but neither is she as skinny as the dour-faced models one finds in bridal magazines. She looks healthy and lovely, and most importantly, she looks her size. I can’t imagine that she starved herself before sliding into her mermaid gown. I’d wager that the thought never even crossed her mind!

My hope is that by posting her image here, I can inspire brides-to-be shopping for their wedding dresses to consider gowns that hug the physique, however lean or large that physique might be. I can’t promise that every wedding dress will flatter you or even that you’ll like the majority of those that do flatter you, but you never know how good you’ll look in a particular style of wedding dress until you give yourself permission to try it on and, more importantly, to love yourself in it.

9 Responses to “Think You Can’t Rock A Mermaid Gown? Think Again!”

  1. The bride look gorgeous! I really want a mermaid or trumpet gown but have not been able to find the “one”. Taking the advice of my friends, I did try on all the other styles too just to make sure that I truly did want a mermaid.

  2. AnnaLiviaPlurabelle says:

    Be sure you get a saleperson who knows what they’re doing. Yes, she put me in a mermaid gown. One four sizes too big, because she decided I was ‘hippy’. And rather than getting a smaller gown in a similar style, she started grabbing handfulls of fabric over my ass and telling me I was the wrong size for it.

    We barely escaped with our lives, and my MIL forgot her umbrella in the shop and refuses to go back for it.

  3. looks beautiful, but moving from the Limo in and out a few times, could be trouble

  4. La BellaDonna says:

    The bride is stunningly beautiful, and the gown suits her – but you know, she IS the right body type for that dress. She isn’t “thin” – but she is flat-bellied and narrow-hipped, in terms of her own body proportions. She isn’t small-waisted, particularly – but she is flat-bellied.

  5. Margo says:

    La Bella Donna – I’d bet legal tender she’s got some serious lingerie support going on with corsetry boning.

    If there is one phooey-fashion tip I’ve learned, it’s to play with silhouettes – I’m a short round thing, but I finally stopped going with the same pyramid-shape and started playing with tunics (no waist? why not?), pencil skirts, skinny jeans – all sorts of different things that never get recommended for the pear. So, like NtB sez, give it a whirl (and have a great dressmaker/corseter).

  6. La BellaDonna says:

    Margo – oh, I KNOW she’s got some serious corsetry going under the gown! But I also know what a round belly looks like under a corset. I DO agree with you, that people shouldn’t be afraid to try different shapes – but I’ve made a lot of clothing, boned and unboned, for a lot of different bodies. Trust me, this woman has a dress that suits her figure and her own proportions. I AM the great dressmaker/corsetiere to whom someone would go!

  7. La BellaDonna says:

    Today’s PSA is for the brides who will be rocking the mermaid gown, and who have never been given the Limousine Tutorial!

    1. Car door is opened, by bride or other;
    2. Bride gets close to car seat;
    3. If Bride has train, train should be picked up and draped over far arm (that is, if she is getting in on the right side of the car, the train gets draped over her RIGHT ARM)
    5. Bride SITS DOWN on car seat – both her legs, and the arm with the train, are still outside the car;
    5.a. Bride may use left arm as brace on seat, while settling herself;
    6. Bride swings BOTH LEGS into the car AT THE SAME TIME;
    7. Bride settles train over lap as gracefully as possible, considering.

    Bride exits in reverse order:
    1. Bride assembles train over arm;
    2. Someone else opens the door, for heaven’s sake;
    3. Bride swings sideways in seat, and sets BOTH FEET on ground outside car;
    4. Bride ducks head out of door frame danger, and straightens up onto both feet – she can use her left arm for balance, either on the seat, or on the door, as needed.

    It’s easier to DO than it is to describe, and it’s actually an easy way to get in and out of ANY car while wearing a dress or skirt of ANY kind that may restrict one’s movements a little. It avoids that awkward, hit-your-head-if-at-all-possible moment; mostly it’s just pivoting on your tush, and either setting both feet on the ground, or both feet in the car, depending on whether you’re exiting or entering the car.

    I would recommend, in fact, that the bride at least practice getting in and out of a car in the underpinnings she’ll be wearing, ESPECIALLY if they differ significantly from what she usually wears. Managing a hoop, or a long straight skirt, is totally different from what most of us do during daily life, so if there’s a formal event in your future, marital or otherwise, bride or bridesmaid, prom, or just a funky new outfit, it’s worth a little practicing for your own comfort … especially if there will be cameras in the vicinity on the Big Day.

  8. ashleigh says:

    thanks for featuring this image!!! 🙂 very cool!!! and the bride rocked that dress xcore!!!