Jewelry Rental: Wear a $24,000 Necklace, Spend $490

Much of the bridal jewelry that can be described as affordable is meh. For the most part, you have your faux pearl sets and your glittering rhinestone pieces available in every color under the sun.

I tend to recommend spending a bit more (but not much more) for vintage costume jewelry that will at least be well made or, better yet, scrap the whole notion of buying something new and ask grandma or a great aunt for that special “something borrowed.” Shopping in one’s own closet can yield some surprisingly bridal results, though that depends on whether you have a tendency to amass jewelry.

Then again, it could turn out that no one in your family has good taste or an eye for fanciful things and maybe vintage jewelry just isn’t your bag. What is a girl to do? This is where I suggest taking a cue from Hollywood, spending even more money, and borrowing bridal jewelry usually reserved for those who exist in mountain-high tax brackets. Jewelry rental! Assuming you’re not famous enough to attract designers desperate for you to wear their necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, please read ‘borrow’ as ‘rent.’

bridal jewelry rental

That’s right, jewelry rental. The same way that brides can rent wedding dresses (though few actually do), brides can rent bridal jewelry… really nice bridal jewelry. Adorn Brides puts some seriously precious metals and gems into the hands of those who might otherwise be stuck pairing an el cheapo bridal jewelry set with a $1,000 wedding gown. How does jewelry rental work? It works like this:

1. Go shopping and pick out the pieces you love and add them to your “shopping bag.” Check their availability by entering your event date.
2. Check out using a credit card to order the jewelry for your event date.
3. Look amazing wearing the jewelry on your wedding day

  • We will call you a few days before your event to confirm shipping information and review the details.
  • Your jewelry will arrive 2 business days prior to your event.
  • Best of all, the jewelry is insured while in your possession and the insurance is included in the rental price! (If the jewelry is not returned, we will charge a 33% deductible.)
  • Please note that an amount equal to approximately 5% of the retail value of the jewelry will be reserved on your credit card while you have the jewelry as a temporary security deposit.

4. Send it back on the first business day after your event using packaging and pre-paid label Adorn provides for you.

  • Simply drop it off at the closest UPS store.
  • Once we receive the jewelry we will remove the security deposit.

Voila! Jewelry rental! Do note that even though renting a fine piece of jewelry will cost you a lot less than buying a fine piece of jewelry, bridal jewelry rental can still set you back a pretty penny. Think in the order of $1,000 for a complete set, and even then I’m not talking about a pair of huge champagne diamond earrings. In other words, jewelry rental is only a budget option if your wedding budget is fairly well-padded. Bridal jewelry rental is, however, an idea perfect for the diamondless bride dead set on wearing real diamonds on her wedding day.

6 Responses to “Jewelry Rental: Wear a $24,000 Necklace, Spend $490”

  1. Nikki Blamey says:

    I’m a newly UK bride and had a destination wedding in Florida. Love Florida!
    I went online and found I had a wonderful experience, I was looking for big chandalier earrings and found a pair I loved. The Lockwoods I believe. Everyone at my event noticed that these were real diamonds! I felt like a queen. I think I paid around $200 because the web site also provides an early booking discount. My budget was taken up mostly with destination costs / travel / hotel but I also wanted to look my best. I definately recommend Adorn. Only in America!

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    I like diamonds – a lot a lot a lot a lot, in fact. But I’m a poor girl and likely to remain one. I decided when I started buying jewelry for myself, that I can buy diamonds set in SILVER, rather than gold, which makes them much more affordable; I can also buy PEARLS instead of diamonds (or accented with the occasional diamonds), which will give me much more mileage for my diamond dollars. When I can, I shop at Gem and Jewelry shows: check out for show schedules – jewelry there is anywhere from 30%-70% off retail price, and the shows are open to the public for a $5 ticket (if you sign up at the booths, they’ll send you free passes in the mail for future shows). All kinds of jewelry is available, from unset stones to estate pieces, ethnic pieces – something for everyone.

    If I can’t get to a jewelry show, I go to; they have some very pretty pieces, which are very affordable (an 80-inch pearl necklace of 8 mm pearls for under a hundred dollars, for example), and they have fabulous sales.

    I’m not suggesting that someone NOT rent a $24,000 necklace, if that’s what her heart is set on. But if I shop carefully, I can get a necklace of 10 mm pearls, and pearl-and-diamond earrings to go with it, for that $490 – and I get to keep them.

    Pearls can also combine beautifully with coloured stones as well as diamonds to extend those dollars.

  3. Pencils says:

    I thought about renting some really nice jewelry for my wedding, or else buying some vintage but not especially expensive stuff (you’d be surprised at how little vintage mine or rose-cut diamonds cost) but I decided it was much more meaningful to wear family pieces.

  4. bonitaj says:

    Renting is a great way to save when planning a wedding on a budget. However; items like wedding jewelry are great pieces to actually purchase because you can treasure them and pass them down to your daughters, nieces and grandaughters.

  5. @bonitaj Assuming, of course, that your daughter or other female relative will want them. I’m always amazed at how different some mothers’ and daughters’ tastes are!

  6. Vic says:

    I have to disagree with buying your wedding jewelry (unless you have a ton of money an can easily afford it). I bought my wedding jewelry and havent even looked at it since. I wish I knew I could rent before I got married!! It would have saved me some money and some space in my jewelry box.