Twitter at Weddings: Stealing the Show?

After reading Twistie’s spot-on post about tweeting at weddings, I was reminded of something I’d come across a few weeks prior. Hint: It wasn’t the Twitter proposal from almost a year ago.

tweeting at weddings

A certain Stella recently attended a wedding ceremony and reception where a live Twitter feed was displayed throughout on a great big screen hanging over the proceedings. It was technically a virtual guestbook, but I’m going to guess it was rather more distracting than the traditional guestbook that spends the wedding sequestered on a table in a corner somewhere.

My guess is that the temptation to get one’s tweets on the board could lead to preoccupied wedding guests and perhaps even inappropriate tweets from the peanut gallery. Plus, I don’t know that I could help staring up at it, especially if the tweets were coming in quickly. Or were naughty. Have a look at the second picture in the original post then come back and tell us if you could possibly ignore it!

5 Responses to “Twitter at Weddings: Stealing the Show?”

  1. Twistie says:

    Sweet merciful kumquats!


  2. I’ve been to social events that had a screen where you can text to a number & then your message woudl appear on the screen for everyone to see, but it was not through twitter. I’m not into tweeting but some people are so I guess if they are well known for it, it would work for them at their wedding.

  3. SusanC says:

    Yet another inappropriate use of Twitter by a bunch of twits!

  4. Johanna says:

    This might be a bit off topic but.. I need to raise a voice for us nerds out here, though I must emphasize that our wedding was nowhere near traditional or appropriate anyhow. I’m so much not a twitter that I even forgot my password but online communities were very much involved in our getting married. I blogged endlessly about planning the wedding and my feelings as a bride and even updated my livejournal on the morning and evening of Our Big Day. We changed our facebook relationship status on our way home from the register office and I changed my IRC nick before we started to eat cake (as we both kept our names). We never sent invitations as all 20 guests had been noted personally, but the details were on my website. Must I mention that everything that we didn’t DIY by tutorials on the web was ordered from etsy? Our parents followed our dangerous drive to our honeymoon by GPS on his google pages and we uploaded photos to facebook and picasa during our stay at the cabin (when it was too dark and cold to be outside and of course we could sit close to each other with our laptops, in front of the fireplace sipping hot drinks, basking in all the online congratulations we got).

    I know we are addicted and have No Life, but that’s us. It was nice to put all that information and all those feelings online to be re-read and remembered when memories have faded but it was also a great way for our friends, scattered around the country, to rejoice with us and send their love. The world is changing, please don’t condemn right away those who try to make the best of it.

  5. lbj says:

    Ah, twittering – “how the narcissistic keep in touch with the feckless”. You just knew this would make its way to weddings…