A Little Bit of Happy, A Little Bit of Drama

My favorite wedding color scheme pairings are those that are just a tad unexpected, usually because the two or three or more colors chosen are not typically seen together. Other color combos are surprising because of the extreme visual contrast between the hues, while some are a little shocking because the chosen colors are seldom combined in decor or fashion or art or weddings.

One unexpected wedding color combination I’ve been loving lately is yellow and gray, where the yellow is bright and/or cheerful and the gray is either quite muted or so in-your-face as to be practically silver. Both work brilliantly, though for different reasons. Plus, yellow and silver were big late last year and early this year, so there’s no shortage of wedding accessories for the bride and groom who want to rock this combo. If you like it or think you may love it, here are some images that may inspire you.

yellow and gray bridesmaids

Sometimes bridesmaids wear yellow and wear gray accessories, and sometimes bridesmaids wear gray or silver and carry yellow bridesmaids’ bouquets. These bridesmaids photographed by Stephanie Williams wore a soft gray AND yellow! (via)

yellow and gray invitations

These invitations coordinate nicely. (via)

yellow and gray menswear

Don’t forget the men when planning out your yellow and gray wedding. These groomsmen and the groom wore gray suits and yellow boutonnieres, but switched things up with sweet yellow and gray socks. (via)

yellow and gray invitations 2

Here we have yellow and gray wedding stationery that’s a bit lighter and softer, which makes me think it would be lovely for a wedding that falls right between winter’s end and spring’s beginning. (via)


Yellow ties are a great way to incorporate some color into gray menswear and probably better than going all out with a yellow tuxedo! (via)

yellow and gray reception_centerpiece

Putting yellow and gray together in your wedding decor can be a little trickier, but it’s not impossible. Think gray tablecloths with flowers in yellow vases or yellow flowers in gray tins. Sunflowers are a good, albeit extremely obvious choice. (via)

4 Responses to “A Little Bit of Happy, A Little Bit of Drama”

  1. Pencils says:

    Yellow and gray is a very pretty, sophisticated choice. Yellow roses are classic and beautiful, and there are plenty of other yellow flowers, such as tulips. And little girls look so adorable in yellow dresses! Wonderful for a flower girl.

    In the interests of fair disclosure, I should mention that yellow was one of my wedding colors–with navy and ivory. It’s a great color for any time of the year: it’s lovely in the spring and summer, it’s classic in the fall mixed with reds & orangesa, and it’s cheerful in the cold winter.

  2. Emi!y says:

    I really loved this color combo from Martha a couple of years ago. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/article/perfect-palettes-marigold-and-pewter

  3. Pencils: I love the yellow/navy/white combo, yum. I used to distrust navy because there was something that seemed very old fashioned about it to me, but I’m really starting to like it when paired with lighter colors.

    Emi!y: That’s awesome. I’m a huge fan of pewter (both as a color and as a metal).