Go Blush!

Brides-to-be battling cancer have enough to do without having to deal with wrangling vendors on top of everything else, right? Blush Photo & Films here in my home state of Massachusetts thinks so and has started a program where they offer free wedding photography to women who are undergoing cancer treatment.

bridal veil

One less expense can go a long way for women in cancer treatment who are planning a wedding. For people experiencing cancer treatments, their money and time should be spent on healing. Women who are in cancer treatment are eligible for up to 6 hours of free photography services. So if you are one of the many thousands battling this disease, please contact Blush to find out how we can create a photo package that’s right for you.

Awesome! It’d be super sweet if other wedding vendors across the country would take a page from Blush Photo’s book because dealing with cancer really sucks.

One Response to “Go Blush!”

  1. that is the right thing to do , I am happy to offer my service to similar couse.