Forget Shotgun Weddings; Now There Are Automatic Rifle Weddings

Oh my, what’s this? An old fashioned bridal kidnapping? A wedding ceremony interrupted by the appearance of guerrilla fighters? Starcrossed lovers escaping from an unwanted wedding? Whatever it is, it sure looks as if the bride is in a perilous position.

military wedding

But don’t feel too bad for the bride just yet because the photo you see above is actually a wedding portrait taken in Nanjing of Jiangsu Province, China. Rather than (or perhaps in addition to) traditional wedding portraits, the bride and groom opted for a warfare scenario as they are both hardcore military enthusiasts.

military wedding 2

Is it a trend? Beats me. I only have one source that states that themed wedding portraits are popular among young brides and grooms in China. And I could only find these two images of anything that might be considered extreme wedding photography. It could be that Chinese newlyweds simply aren’t posting their photos online or are using private galleries. Anyone local to that part of the world want to weigh in?

10 Responses to “Forget Shotgun Weddings; Now There Are Automatic Rifle Weddings”

  1. La BellaDonna says:

    Okay, this hits high on my HAAAAATE meter – and you know you haven’t seen much of that from me on Manolo for the Brides!

    I HAAAAAAATE that trope: Guy Drags Woman By Hand! Because there’s NO POSSIBLE WAY she could be capable of running if he didn’t haul her along by the arm! And since their legs are different lengths, and they’re probably not wearing the same types of shoes, it virtually guarantees that he will yank her off her feet – probably sooner, rather than later.

    And where’s HER gun??? Every guy there has a gun. Her GROOM has a gun. If the bride, as well as the groom, is a hardcore military enthusiast, WHERE’S HER GUN???

    I don’t really have a problem with the dress; it doesn’t do much for me, but then, it doesn’t have to. I think I would have opted for either satin fatigues (or a dress uniform!), or (more fun!) a wedding dress in camo, with olive lace. But I really HAAAATE! the helpless-little-woman trope.

  2. Patrick Anderson says:

    Whatever type of wedding they’ll have, I’m sure the that the wedding photographs were decided on by the couple, not just the guy!

  3. For that matter, La BellaDonna, why couldn’t she be rescuing him? If I were composing the photo for myself and The Beard, I’d have us back to back (each with a gun, thankyouverymuch) fighting off the oncoming hordes like something out of a ramped up version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Very badass. I’d nix the pulling, however, because like you say, if someone were to try dragging me as a means of helping me to run faster, the end result would be me falling flat on my face. Not the speediest solution…

  4. Twistie says:

    But…but…but, NtB and LBD don’t you understand that falling down is the reason the little woman needs dragging in the first place!

  5. Hmm that is a new one. I dont know if I would want to run with guns firing in my white dress but if it works for them then awesome!

  6. La BellaDonna says:

    ?? Twistie, you mean he WANTS her to fall down? I hadn’t thought of that one.

    NtB, that’s it, EXACTLY. In my marriage, I want my spouse to be the one who has my back – and there was the PERFECT opportunity here for that!

    I just … there were some great possibilities with this one, and the one that was opted for just seems like such a FAIL to me.

  7. Roya says:

    This is a little extreme, but wedding photography in China is really different than in the West. There is a lot of dress up, and posing in different costumes, ancient costumes, kimonos, saris, sarongs, Louis XVI outfits out of Versailles, that sort of thing. The Photographs are taken at a considerably different time from the wedding and the studios provide the clothes, maybe not the main Bridal dress, but all the other costumes. Many of the themes are from books and movies or popular tv shows. For example many one stock pose is where the groom is dressed like a heroic revolutionary or 1930s gangster and the bride dresses up as either a jazz age Shanghai courtesan or a heroic revolutionary girl student. These characters are common themes for Chinese Soap Operas.

    An equivalent would be if American couples went to a studio and dressed up like Rick and Ilsa, and then as Rhett and Scarlet, and then like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, in studio provided costumes. It is really just play acting. In Chinese weddings there has always been a lot of costume changing, so it is a natural extension.

  8. enygma says:

    I think it’s really unusual, but still very cute. You have to remember that culturally, women aren’t really seen on an equal footing (still) in Asia, even in the emerging and “First World” countries.

  9. ChristianeF says:

    Oh, NtB, I want to see the photos you imagined. How fun!

    These are okay in a Romancing the Stone meets Tropic Thunder kind of way, but I would LOVE to see a little equality here!

    That said, I don’t think I’d get this into the photography for my wedding. Heck, I’ll be happy if I can manage to smile and keep my eyes open at the same time.

  10. La BellaDonna says:

    Roya, there are plenty of Americans who dress up for their weddings, too! My husband and I were in full Three Musketeers outfits for our wedding, along with the bridal party; Twistie wore, if I recall correctly, Scottish/Renaissance (sorry, Twistie, I remember them TOGETHER with you), and there are plenty of other couples who get married in historical, or science fiction, or, well, whatever their interests are.

    I think most Americans-interested-in-wedding-customs (as opposed to “most Americans,” for whom I do not presume to speak) (*or the other ones, but I’m willing to presume, there) wouldn’t be surprised to see at least three changes of gowns at a traditional Chinese wedding (or, at least, traditional-Chinese-wedding-in-the-U.S.) – the big white Western wedding dress, the qípáo, and a formal red evening dress. (This doesn’t count the hong gua for the tea ceremony, or a red qípáo for the wedding, or a bunch of other changes Just Because She Can.) There’s a fair amount of Cosplay in the U.S. – and there are plenty of Americans who DO get married in American Civil War outfits, too, speaking of Rhett and Scarlett!

    I wouldn’t have found the picture odd if the bride had had HER OWN GUN. That was what I found strange!

    There are some BEAUTIFUL wedding gowns made in England at for those who are looking for something elvish or Celtic in their weddings.