The Return of Sleeves?

Notable people have a way of influencing fashion, even wedding fashion, which tends to move from trend to trend at a glacial pace. And it just happens that Ivanka Trump wore *gasp* sleeves at her wedding to New York Observer publisher Jared Kushner. Sure, they were rather short sleeves. And they were sheer sleeves. But the fact that Trump’s Vera Wang wedding gown had sleeves at all can give us hope for the future of wedding fashion, I think.

ivanka trump wedding

Isn’t she gorgeous? Would that I had looked a fifth as lovely on my wedding day!

Do note that Trump’s famous mother Ivana also wore sleeves at the reception following her 2008 wedding to Italian model-actor Rossano Rubicondi, though I would not not NOT! suggest that you look to her as an icon of good taste.

ivanka trump wedding 2

Pass the Pepto!

Thanks to the fabulous Toni for the tip! / Image via / PopSugar has more pics, yum

19 Responses to “The Return of Sleeves?”

  1. Margo says:

    I can’t not love Ivana’s dress, especially when paired with her groom’s hugging-the-world pose, and – is that the CAKE? Holla.

  2. I love those sleeves! I, too, will be wearing sleeves with my wedding gown. Doing my part to bring it back!

  3. Stella says:

    PLEASE let sleeves make a comeback!! All I ever see are strapless gowns, or what are basically strapless gowns with flimsy spaghetti straps sewn on… I plan on being a winter bride, and I really do not want to have to wear a cardigan over my dress 😛 The strapless cut is unflattering on so many women, and who wants to spend all day hiking up a heavy dress?

    Also, Ivana’s wedding cake FTW!

  4. Twistie says:

    Ivana and Ivanka are indeed a study in contrast, aren’t they?

    As for the sleeves, BRING ‘EM ON!

  5. Toni says:

    Ivanka is totally the anti-Hilton. Kudos to her.

    Thanks for the link to the extra photos!

  6. Giggles says:

    If sleeves could make a comeback not only in wedding wear but in all of fashion, that would just be so wonderful.

  7. La BellaDonna says:

    Pshaw! Love the cake, Love the GOWN, love the happy groom with his bride! Ivana’s taste is DIFFERENT, not INFERIOR! Surely there’s room in the world for both types of ladies – and many others, besides!

  8. jenny says:

    Sleeves, sleeves, sleeves, *tra-la!* ) I just did a little jig there, to celebrate the long-awaited return of sleeves.) Now, for me they never left. But honestly: how many of us are comfortable– bend, stand, reach, dance, lift, pick-up-a-child comfortable –in strapless gowns? I secretly think that, lovely though they may be, there’s an evil corporation feeding the popularity of strapless…

  9. Margo says:

    jenny – the colossal diet industry/various other groups who have a vested interest in women (in particular) being unhappy about their bodies?

  10. Twistie says:

    What Margo said, plus a whole industry that has gotten the world to swallow hook, line, and sinker that sleeves are just too difficult to produce for clothes that will be custom fitted to the wearer, despite the fact that a quick walk through Target or JC Penney will show you they aren’t too difficult to mass produce at bargain basement prices.

    Mostly I think it’s laziness and a rather sheeplike mentality through the industry combined with the fact that there’s nobody to compete seriously. Because of that, many brides are cowed into thinking gowns have always been precisely as they are being manufactured ATM, no matter how wrong that impression might be. No matter what the current style being shown, brides are informed that this is what they have always dreamed of, and we all know that all little girls (whose minds never change as they grow and mature!) spend their days imagining exactly what will be in fashion twenty years into the future, which has, according to the WIC, always been The Way Things Are Done.

    Just watch. Five or six years from now, you won’t be able to get a strapless gown for love nor money, and nobody would ever have worn one in the history of ever. Really. All wedding gown designers will tell us that strapless is a horror that they would never dream of designing. After all, you don’t want people pointing and laughing at your wedding photos because they can tell precisely when they were taken twenty years from now! The worst thing that could ever happen is dated wedding photos, so you’d better pick what’s in style right now. It will never change. Trust me. Really.

  11. Toni says:

    In all seriousness, I think the industry pushes sleeveless because they’re so easy to fit. Take a strapless back with a full skirt and a corset back, and you could probably “properly” fit women in a 2-3 range size in the exact same dress. Once you add sleeves, the fit becomes much more constrained. Not that I think this is a viable excuse, just possibly an explanation.

    And also, I’m guessing that a large portion of brides getting married today (including me) have photos of their mothers getting married in lovely, but seemingly outdated dresses with sleeves, and simply have that association. I’m sure once our daughters see photos of us in our strapless dresses, they themselves will veer off in some other direction.

  12. Toni says:

    Ha, so basically, exactly what twistie said, just less eloquently. 🙂

  13. Twistie says:

    Or less long-windedly!

  14. Pencils says:

    The return of sleeves on wedding gowns would be great. I had a hard enough time finding a gown I liked that even had straps three years ago. I asked about it at the time and was told the thing about how it’s so much easier to fit strapless gowns, but for those of us extremely well-endowed women, we need more structure. I do remember the days of leg-o-mutton sleeves in the late 80s when I was a bridesmaid for the first time. Even then I thought they were hideous and wished for simpler styles. I wonder if the return of sleeves means a return to more elaborate gowns in general? Luckily, not something I have to worry about, I’m not getting married again, and my daughter is thirteen months old!

  15. La BellaDonna says:

    Heh. What Twistie and Toni both said – and what I have said for lo, these many years. Every bride in a strapless dress during the last few years will be as easy to date as the dresses from the 80s – and though they may not be to the taste of many, there was nothing inherently wrong with them, in and of themselves – which is reflected in the fact that big poufy leg o’ mutton sleeves keep cycling back into fashion. Fashion is a pendulum, more than anything: sleeves get bigger and bigger and biggest, then deflate, then disappear entirely; skirts get shorter and shorter and shorter, then longer and longer and longer; waistlines rise and fall, and our bodies are expected to change correspondingly with the fashions in bodies, too.

    I say we wear what we like and feel attractive in, and the heck with the rest of it!

  16. Vizia says:

    I had long sleeves/high neck on my gown, made of silk burnout velvet over silk satin bodice and skirt. But I had to have it custom made to get it (pattern based on an amazing 40’s wedding dress I found at Goodwill). Bespoke is the way to go, and since I used a local seamstress, who did a kick-ass job, it was about the same price as a silk gown from a bridal shop.

  17. Twistie says:

    Sounds gorgeous, Vizia! If you’re going to live the fantasy, live your fantasy and get it made perfectly for you.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I LOVE Ivanka’s dress!And did you see the back of it?Gorgeous!I have a feeling that I’m going to want a very similar dress someday when I get married.

  19. Chair Covers says:

    The purple is tacky but popular just because of the Trump!
    Cadbury’s purple is the new craze here in the uk, who would of thought after looking at these pictures!