The Proper Topper?

When I was growing up, the brides and grooms on cake toppers all looked alike. Tiny plastic people. All the women wore the same shape of gown, all the men wore identical tuxedos. For the longest time, pretty much the only difference was what color flip hairdo the woman wore.

Cake toppers have come a long way since then. Now you can even get sets of bride and bride or groom and groom. And Magical Day carries some even more specialized toppers like this:

…and this:

…and this:

Am I wild about them as art? Not in particular. On the other hand, I love that it’s now possible to get toppers for couples who don’t fit the mold.

Just be very sure of your crowd before you order one that looks like this:

8 Responses to “The Proper Topper?”

  1. Zenevieva says:

    So, I’ve been looking for an interesting but not too far out there cake topper. There are only three things that my fiance has requested for our wedding and one of them is having a bride and groom cake topper. So, can anyone help me find a site where there are even more cake toppers that are slightly untraditional. This post helped but not quite enough.

  2. bride to be says:

    Oh so cute cake toppers. I love the last one.

  3. Twistie says:

    Zenevieva, did you click through to the site? If you mouse click on the name of the company above, you’ll be taken straight there. Not only are there ones including wheelchairs and baby bumps and diverse cultural traditions, but ones with the bride and groom chilling with bare feet, line dancing, riding motorcycles, and plenty of other things.

    And if you don’t find what you’re looking for at that site, there’s a whole section for ‘cake toppers’ in the categories listing in that pink strip just to the right of comments. You might find some inspiration in another company we’ve written about.

    Best of luck finding something that makes both of you happy!

  4. Margo says:

    @Zenevieva – try Etsy, too.

  5. enygma says:

    hmm…I guess I’m not very observant because I haven’t seen many cake toppers in some of the most recent weddings I’ve attended.

  6. Zenevieva says:

    @Margo – Thanks! I tried Etsy and I found a really funny/cute topper for the groom’s cake.

  7. Twistie says:

    It’s true, enygma, that cake toppers are a lot less popular than they once were. Still, I attended a wedding just last month, and there was a topper not only on the bride’s cake (simple bride and groom), but one on the groom’s cake as well (same wedding couple, but as zombies). I thought they were kind of awesome.