Inspiration: Blue and Orange

Friday the 13th, la la la. I’m not listening to any superstitious nonsense, but I am surrounding myself with everything that is extra pretty and fun and sparkly just in case of entirely non-cosmic downers! Which is why I went looking for a deliciously upbeat and cheerful reception table to feature in today’s post.

blue and orange wedding

I think this delightful table from Lollipop Events & Designs fits the bill, don’t you? Blue and orange weddings sound weird but are actually wonderful. How about that wood grain table runner or the decorative accents made from nothing more complicated (or expensive) than buttons, yard, and thread?

blue and orange wedding 2

Rough cut fabric and a plain cream button turn a boring white favor box into something beyond cute. Want the look? Hit up the nearest fabric store and grab your hot glue gun, ladies and gents, because you can do it. And while you’re at it, use some of the same fabric and buttons to create napkin rings!

blue and orange wedding 3

I heart mason jars, and not just because they’re free if you buy the right sort of pasta sauce from the supermarket. At this blue and orange wedding, each guest received custom crafty favors and mason jars accented with bright tangerine colored straws that had “Sip with Love” tags attached. Yummy!

blue and orange wedding 4

Lollipop said forget the flowers and went with centerpieces created using tall vases and bud vases featuring ribbons and pearl buttons and topped with foam balls covered in yarn in lieu of blooms. Those details, more than any other, keep things like the wood grain fabric and buttons and mason jars from turning the whole affair into a country jamboree.

BONUS: DIY brides can get the look at Lollipop’s DIY tutorials page!

5 Responses to “Inspiration: Blue and Orange”

  1. Pencils says:

    I think the balls on top of the tall vases look silly, like some weird science fiction setup. All they needed were a few stems of some tall white flower to put in each of the vases and it would have looked amazing.

  2. these are really strong colours, they vibrate! Not sure if I am fan of such as contrast.

  3. @Pencils How about bunches of pussy willow branches that extend to the bottom of the vases and a ways over the top? I was thinking the birch canopies looked a little out of place in a sea of blue and orange, but adding another piece of nature might help integrate them into the whole scheme.

  4. Margo says:

    I love every square cm of this.

  5. I love the color combination and the balls on top of the vases. Brings out the sports theme. The use of high and low centerpieces is very appealing.