Want a $25 Kohl’s Gift Card? Share Your Favorite Trashy Gown or Bridal Accessory to Win!

Lucky me, I have recently come into possession of not one, but two $25 Kohl’s gift cards! Instead of spending them on myself like a selfish witch, I’ve decided to give them away to two lucky readers who can spend them any way they want. My contests always get a little theme-y and this one’s no different. The theme this go around? It’s trashy, skanky, or otherwise extremely fugly wedding dresses or bridal accessories.

To enter to win one of the two $25 Kohl’s gift cards, leave a comment on this post describing the trashiest wedding dress or bridal accessory you’ve seen. Better yet, include a link to the offending gown or shoe or jewelry. Comments will be closed at noon on Friday, November 27, and the contest winners (chosen by our friend the Random Number Generator) will be announced shortly thereafter.

I can’t enter myself, of course, but to get you into the spirit of things, here are two pairs of bridal sneakers that you will not find at Kohl’s:

bridal sneakers

bridal sneakers 3

Yes, that’s a bridal sneaker with a four inch heel and a bridal sneaker wedge with a three-and-a-half inch heel, both of which feature a plasticized finish for durability. According to the Lovely Bride web site, these bridal sneakers are meant for the reception… so I suppose if the bride was wearing high heels, she could change into sneakers without stepping all over her hem? Personally, I think that if you’re going to change into sneakers, you could at least make them cute sneakers instead of shiny bedazzled monstrosities.

(via the lovely Lise who sent me a link to Tackyweddings.com)

12 Responses to “Want a $25 Kohl’s Gift Card? Share Your Favorite Trashy Gown or Bridal Accessory to Win!”

  1. La BellaDonna says:

    Alas, these seem to me to be painfully ugly. I don’t blame brides one little bit for not wanting their feet to hurt, but why not just buy a pair of comfortable shoes in which to be married? I’m reluctant to say “spectacularly ugly” – but I really think these come close. I have room in my heart for lace, appliques, butterflies, sequins, rhinestones, and comfort – but instead of spending good cash money on expensive bridal shoes, and maybe more money on comfy “bridal sneakers” – why not just spend the money on comfy shoes which look good with the wedding dress?

  2. bridal wish says:

    I do agree, they do not look pleasing enough. It is just better to buy great looking sneakers that would look good on the gown, then they can even use it after the wedding.

  3. jstar says:


    Because what every bride (especially the short ones such as myself) needs is to be divided into several rectangles, each one wider than it is tall. It helps complete that ‘boxy’ look all brides strive for.

  4. Shelly says:

    Oh this is fun! I have found the ugliest wedding dress on the Internet. “Sonoran Star” is perfect for making all of your early 80’s bad western romance novel dreams come true! (And don’t miss her white lace high heeled cowboy boots and veiled cowboy hat.)

  5. I vote for the western styled denim wedding gown with white embroidery, originally found at Stupid Wedding Crap, seen here

  6. Carmen says:

    The worst bridal accessory I’ve seen in real life is also a pair of sneakers. At least with those, they look new. But the ones I saw were your old, everyday athletic shoes! Come on! You’re dropping $100s for a dress–don’t let your shoes ruin it. Seriously!

  7. Gabby says:

    I saw this picture on askaweddingplanner.com originally. The whole thing is pretty over the top, but that veil makes her the spitting image of a polish chicken.

  8. La BellaDonna says:

    Gabby, I’m going to withhold censure on that headdress – yes, it’s a bit over the top (on top?) – but it also looks as if it might be a modern twist on a very archaic, traditional outfit – and I enjoy those tremendously. So, if you don’t care for it, it’s a bit dandelion-in-seed – but I think it’s pretty, regardless of that. Maybe I just like dandelions.

  9. Toni says:

    I have to say, I actually rather like that Christos gown. Then again, I’m tall and willowy, and think that the layers would move beautifully.

    My submission is these overpriced “champagne glass” candle favors that just scream “high school prom” to me.

  10. Audrey says:

    I’m pretty sure tackweddings is the home of everyone’s trashy wedding nightmares.

  11. Does “sewage drain” say trashy?


    I think it does. And, Audrey, I kinda *like* that wedding dress — though I’d have to be careful about dance moves…