Luis Diaz Santis vs. Magaly Guerrero Ramirez

A certain Luis Diaz Santis and a certain Magaly Guerrero Ramirez (both computer scientists) were married earlier this year. I found their awesome (awesome awesome awesomex10) wedding invitation via Temple of Groom, and I just had to share it.

video game wedding invitation 1

Illustrator Carla Berrocal designed the wedding invitation for the Chilean couple. The graphics and text were created using both freehand drawings and Photoshop effects, which makes me think a layperson could put together something similar with a bit of effort.

video game wedding invitation 2

What do think? As a child of the 80s, I can’t but help love this homage to early side-scrollers. It makes me smile in a big way.

5 Responses to “Luis Diaz Santis vs. Magaly Guerrero Ramirez”

  1. Risi says:

    But they aren’t actually saying anything? The binary is improperly formatted and decodes to gibberish.
    Sorry. I can stop.

  2. Really, Risi? Now I’m disappointed!

  3. Toni says:

    Sure it’s not in binary Spanish? (Though, I’m assuming that if it had translated to “Si”, you would have noticed.)

    (Ok, so I checked, and yeah, “[[” really IS gibberish.)

  4. ChristianeF says:

    It’s a cute invite, but what a bummer that it doesn’t actually say anything in binary…

  5. Lauren says:

    This is awesome, but I just had to hide my screen from my fiance in fear that he’d beg for us to break it down to 8-bit for our wedding invitations. :p