Darn It, New York!

After a lengthy debate, the New York State Senate voted 38-24 against a bill to legalize same-sex marriage. The Marriage Equality Act was finally brought to the floor for an up or down vote today after overcoming legislative roadblocks from opponents. During the emotional debate, one of the bill’s sponsors, State Senator Thomas K. Duane of Manhattan, who is gay, said, “This legislation would merely provide me and tens of thousands of other New Yorkers with equal rights in New York State. It would make me equal in every way to everyone else in this chamber.”

My mom is a New Yorker and she’s been waiting for a really long time to marry her partner, so this just really really really gets my goat.

10 Responses to “Darn It, New York!”

  1. Incredibly disappointed. Our state senator (homophobic Onorato) was one of the Democrats who voted no. I’m voting him out next time!

  2. Twistie says:


  3. Mira says:

    One day this will change. Having a majority does not make it right, just or moral. Love to your Mom – there are so many of us who want her to have equal rights!!! There’s hope, my daughter’s (6) only question about gay marriage was who gets to the wear the dress. One day she will vote.

  4. X says:

    Damm it – we’re just gonna do it in Mass. I’m not letting state legislation stand in the way of marrying someone I’ve waited 14 years to finally marry.
    Love comes first. then government.

  5. Margo says:

    It’s disappointing, but it will happen eventually… much love. P.S. NZ has had civil unions for what, 4 years? So far, country has not been swamped by a plague of locusts.

  6. SarahDances says:

    But in good news, the Washington D.C. city council voted to approve same sex marriage! Not entirely a done deal yet. There’s another vote, probably later this month, and then a congressional review and then the mayor has to sign (which he’s already promised he will), but looks very promising!

  7. That’s great news, SarahDances!

  8. Toni says:

    Bugger, to all of them.

    I can’t wait until the day when we look back at all of this strife with amazement at our shortsightedness.

  9. Sarah C. says:

    Here in The Netherlands, they permitted civil unions to make a “separate but equal” thing for gay couples. Then they realized that was stupid, allowed gay couples to marry, and were planning to get rid of the civil union (a registered partnership) until they took a good look and realized that they were very, very popular with heterosexual couples, as well.
    Now there’s an option for everyone- the only differences are that in a registered partnership, divorces are handled by a notary instead of a judge (so all parties must come to an agreement beforehand) and if there are children, the partner has to sign as the other parent of the child (regardless of gender) instead of being legally assumed to be the parent. Either one can be switched to the other by filing a paper and paying a small fee- it’s popular in an amicable divorce to change it to a registered partnership to avoid legal fees, for example. Both involve a legal ceremony with the city, followed by a religious one if the couple desires.

    When my husband and I had our ceremony, we went for the civil union. It had all of the associated wedding stuff in it, the paper was just different (and I got to yell “I’m getting civilly unioned today!”). As an American expat, my partnership isn’t recognized by the US, but I don’t mind.
    It’s depressing to watch all of this from afar- the ridiculousness of the entire controversy boggles my mind, and I’m tired of trying to explain “no, really, we’re not all like that, I swear” every time something else doesn’t pass.

  10. Sarah C. says:

    I meant that to say “now everything’s an option for everyone”.

    And didn’t mean to write a book.