LOVE/HATE: The Bootylicious Edition

Hosting a wedding reception means serving refreshments… no exceptions. And it doesn’t matter if you’re planning on digging into cake and champagne or looking forward to a seven course gourmet reception dinner, you have to provide somewhere for guests to sit and enjoy their repast. While it’s entirely possible to wine, dine, and entertain your wedding guests without assigned seating, I’d venture to say that most brides and grooms create seating charts to avoid the possibility of wedding guests bum rushing the good seats as soon as the reception venue doors open.

One can, of course, order a custom seating chart and place cards that wouldn’t look out of place in a calligrapher’s portfolio or create a seating chart and place cards using one’s home computer. These can be spiced up by creatively naming tables with monikers such as elements from the periodic table or cities known for being romantic. Then again, don’t discount the idea of really working your theme into your reception seating chart, like so:

Seating Chart Boots

Created by Bellinter House in Ireland, this clever multi-part seating chart features muddy wellies flocked by farm scenes in miniature, complete with grass fields and livestock. Topping it all off were table cards named after various breeds of cow.

reception seating chart boots

I love it! Piggies and wellies wouldn’t have fit into my wedding theme — which was simply “wedding,” if you can call that a theme — but for an upscale farmhouse affair, it would be divine. It’s cute, a little quirky, and potentially inexpensive if you happen to have a large family living in a rainy clime. However, I do believe I would have left the mud out of doors where it belongs, which I’m sure most reception venues would appreciate.

What say you?

(Photo by Jeni Glasgow)

4 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Bootylicious Edition”

  1. Actually, I think it’s surprisingly adorable! I’m intrigued to see the rest of the pics.

  2. mkb says:

    Ew. The boots are muddy.

  3. Margo says:

    It was the mud that sold me.

  4. So we have some loving the mud and some hating it. We need a tiebreaker!