The Promise of Spring

*Squee!* I’m over the moon for all the colored wedding gowns and flora-inspired wedding dresses in the Spring 2010 designer collections. It’s like they distilled all the beautiful colors and patterns of springtime and used them to dye and decorate what might otherwise have been rather plain wedding gowns. I’ve spent about an hour this morning clicking through various collections to find my faves in the hope that they will inspire and delight you.

jorge terra wedding gowns

Simple sheath dresses from Jorge Terra become something spectacular when embellished with botanical imagery. My first thought was that these would be lovely at an outdoor wedding, but then why compete with Mother Nature? Either one of these wedding gowns would be delicious at an elegant evening affair, especially one with a very simple wedding color scheme so the dress itself becomes a centerpiece.

Vera Wang spring 2010 wedding gown collection

Uber evocative of springtime, these fanciful wedding gowns from Vera Wang‘s Spring 2010 collection bring to mind fairytales and all things feminine. I love the softness of the colors and the billowing fabric and the wide, wide ribbons. There are other colored wedding gowns in the collection, so if you’re a bride who has a big spot in your heart for color, it’s worth a look.

rafael urquizar wedding gown 2010

Finally, two gowns from Rafael Urquizar. Looking past the crown of thorns — what’s that about, anyway? — and the head scarf, I love the deep pink and floral detailing of the righthand wedding gown and the beautiful pattern and ultra-high neckline on the dress on the left. I’m afraid I can’t exactly tell if those are flowers or insects, but I like them all the same. The dress itself is quite striking, even without its sinister headgear.

All six are the perfect foil for a chilly December day, no?

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