Pink and Gold Inspiration Board

Romantic? Check. Elegant? Check. A little bit out of the ordinary? Check. A pink and gold wedding palette is perfect for the feminine bride who wants to plan a wedding that could be described as magical and lovely. Though this palette skyrocketed in popularity after the modern movie version of Marie Antoinette, a pink and gold wedding palette doesn’t have to be inspired by the French Court by default. As pretty as it is, the pink and gold wedding can also be modern.

pink and gold wedding palette

So what do we have here? Traveling in a vaguely clockwise pattern, there are natural branches studded with tufts of fluffy garden stock blossoms from a party hosted by Tracy Metz, a striking pearl and bird necklace designed by kgarnerdesigns, a lovely soft pink wedding dress by Alisa Benay for 100 Brides for $100K, a pink wedding cake with delicate gold embellishments from The Wedding Cake Shoppe, a gorgeous handpainted wedding invitation from Momental Designs, freaking amazing shoes from Haberdashery Boutique, a delicate rose gold filigree bracelet, and a snapshot from a real wedding that included antique gold bridesmaid dresses from Vera Wang.

The pink and gold wedding palette is truly as sweet as can be!

4 Responses to “Pink and Gold Inspiration Board”

  1. The swallow and pearl look like a cool Rockabilly piece. I’d definitely wear that!

  2. That’s my favorite thing on the board, bridal registry! And hint, hint, it’s only $30. I think it would look beautiful on a bride and could be worn again well after the wedding.

  3. This is absolutely stunning. I love it!

  4. Emily says:

    This was my wedding color shceme! I chose it because it was romantic, but also feminine without being like little girl pink or babyish or something. My wife agreed on it, too, which was surprising since I didn’t think she’d go for anything with pink int it. The best oart was our cake, which had gold spakles on the fondant!