Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Almost Lifelike Edition: The Result

Hail unto thee, caption lovers!

Last week I presented you with this…um…image:
Robobride You, once you got over your shock, provided me with five pithy and hilarious responses. Truly, the quantity wasn’t very high, but the quality was astronomical. You did not in any way make this an easy choice for me.

Still, there can be but one winner…except when I honestly cannot choose between two. That’s right, it’s a tie. I shall present them in the order they were submitted.

The first is Kristin, for making it even scarier to turn on an episode of Bridezillas with this entry:

The truly unfortunate aspect of the Robot Uprising of ‘15 was that the self-replicating artificial intelligence had evolved on the network server.

The second is Annie for reminding me that horrific as the ‘bride’ is, the gown is every bit as bad with this caption:

“The designer knew he’d have a hard time finding a model for the dress he designed based on his grandmother’s toilet paper cozies, but where there’s an advanced applied robotics degree, there’s a way.”

Congratulations to both winners, and my sincere thanks to everyone who played.

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