Designer Profile: Stephanie Allin

I’d not heard of her until stumbling across one of her wedding dresses recently, but Stephanie Allin is one of the UK’s foremost award-winning bridal fashion designers. Her designs are British-made, though it’s not impossible to find a Stephanie Allin wedding dress in other countries, and they’re almost all 100% gorgeous. The details are what really draws you in, from heavy lace to sophisticated belts to artful gathers. Here’s a sampling, along with what I like about each.

belted wedding dress

What I like: The belt! Sashes are all right and bows are okay, but a wide belt with a big belt really tickles my fancy on the right wedding dress. This belted wedding dress is luxurious without being stuffy.

1950s wedding dress

What I like: A tiny bolero plus a ballerina length hemline equals old school charm in this 1950s style wedding dress. The wide belt with its shabby-chic faux flower could even be your Something Blue.

lace wedding dress

What I like: This lace wedding dress is pretty and elegant and, yes, strapless. I’ll forgive it that, simply because I love how feminine and graceful I know it would make me feel.

simple wedding dress

What I like: Is that a fairy or a water sprite or what? All right, so the head dress of flowers doesn’t do it for me, but the simple wedding dress with its high waist does. It looks like it might just be an empire waist (or very high waist) that doesn’t make one look pregnant, possibly because it drops in the back.

Have a gander at Stephanie Allin’s other wedding dresses for some beautiful bridal inspiration. If you can actually get your hands on one, all the better!

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  1. Blossom says:

    I really like all of the styles and i can just imagine them in colour, they would be even better.