Imagine stepping off an airplane into the arrivals terminal of the closest airport. You scan the crowd of people waiting for their loved ones and business associates, waiting for your fiance or fiancee. Unexpectedly, you see a woman in a long white dress or a man in a tux, along with someone who looks like very much like a wedding officiant. You might smile, wonder who they’re waiting for. Then you realize they’re staring at you, waving like mad in your direction. Smiling. That nut in the tux or that crazy lady in a wedding dress is your spouse-to-be and they have a big surprise for you. Do you… run over with a huge grin on your face? Book it in the opposite direction, trying to pretend you didn’t see? Sidle over cautiously, hoping it’s all a joke?

If you’re William Acosta or U.S. Army Pvt. Cody Beckwith, you choose option A.

Robyn Moore and William Acosta exchanged their vows at Corpus Christi International Airport after he got off a plane arriving from Toledo, Ohio. She was waiting in her wedding dress, with a justice of the peace at her side. granted, they were planning on marrying in December anyway and hadn’t chosen a site. More importantly, they both travel frequently for business and spend a great deal of time in airports. Acosta told reporters that he was speechless, but thrilled when he said Moore.

surprise wedding 2

Shawna Hodge surprised her fiance U.S. Army Pvt. Cody Beckwith in much the same way, though their circumstances were very different. He was caught in all that winter weather that rolled over the U.S. slightly more than a week back and was stranded, missing his own wedding. Every flight he tried to book was delayed or canceled except for a midnight flight into Tampa International Airport. So that’s where Hodge and Beckwith said their “I dos” with their wedding party looking on.

My take? I love the second surprise wedding — the wedding hour came and went, and the couple made do. They’ll have a great story to tell people, maybe kids and grandkids. But the first surprise wedding? I don’t think Moore would have shown up in her wedding dress if she didn’t think Acosta would go for it, and they had picked up the license application the week before. While nothing was set in stone, however, I can’t help thinking that he might have had some idea of where they should say their vows. It worked for them, and that’s awesome, but I think I’d hate being put on the spot like that.

What say you?

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