Brides With Buns In the Oven

Need it even be said? Brides with buns in the oven want beautiful wedding dresses, too. Maternity wedding dresses, however, aren’t always as lovely as they ought to be. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a giant market for frocks that fit around fetuses so there isn’t as much competition among designers and dressmakers. Perhaps there’s even a contingent of people who think pregnant bride shouldn’t flaunt her “delicate condition,” and thus think that maternity wedding dresses should look like muumuus.

To that I say “Whatever, fool.” Maternity wedding dresses should be as lovely and as flattering as standard wedding dresses, which is why I’m loving Maternity Bride by Jessica Iverson Couture. The fit, construction, and quality of the gowns is just as good as those in the regular bridal market. The prices are easy on the wallet, at least as far as wedding dresses go. And amazingly, these maternity wedding dresses are available for rental… the hope being that you won’t need to wear yours twice.

maternity wedding dresses 2

They say: Light chiffon maternity wedding dress with draping, features pearl edged neckline and sleeves. Sweep train. Perfect for brides seeking a little bit of coverage and a hint of modesty.

maternity wedding dresses 3

They say: Pure silk charmeuse scoopneck maternity wedding gown with intricate and luxurious beading across waistline, front and back. Slightly gathered waist, bubble hem.

maternity wedding dresses 4

They say: A sexy, strapless maternity wedding gown with an intricately beaded bust and layered skirt with crisp pleating. Features a sweep train and detachable beaded straps.

maternity wedding dresses 5

They say: Taffeta maternity bridal gown with shirred waistline and v-neck. Corset back. A sophisticated and classically styled maternity wedding gown that looks flattering on every shape and size.

plus size maternity wedding dress

The best part is that these maternity wedding dresses aren’t just for itty-bitty mommas-to-be! Maternity Bride’s standard collection goes up to size XXXL and they can custom create gowns in even larger sizes, so plus size brides with buns in the oven aren’t left wanting.

8 Responses to “Brides With Buns In the Oven”

  1. La BellaDonna says:

    I’d also like to take a moment to address our Brides-To-Be who are Apple-shaped, THE most difficult shape to dress, because it’s generally ignored entirely by the fashion industry – EXCEPT in the case of the for the mother-to-be, who is EXPECTED to be apple-shaped. Apple-shaped ladies, large and small, do not ignore the maternity section of wedding design, even if you aren’t currently pregnant! Yes, it’s great that there are beautiful offerings for the moms-to-be — but it’s ALSO great that they are available to the apple-shaped bride in general.

    Take advantage, ladies!

  2. bridal girl says:

    The wedding gowns here are really lovely. Even those pregnant brides all look amazing.

  3. The one thing I’d add to your spot-on point, La BellaDonna, is that one should be careful of very structured dresses in the maternity section, whether one is not pregnant or not pregnant enough. I had some wonderful structured maternity clothes that looked great when I had a bump in the front, but not so great when the bump came out and I was just left with some extra padding around the middle. It was the empty… bump hole? But the flowing stuff and the clingy stuff looked great for a while and would look awesome on an apple.

    Of course, there’s always tailoring!

  4. wedding says:

    Gorgeous dresses! It’s nice that brides-to-be/mother’s-to-be don’t have to compromise their look just because they’re expecting.

  5. kt says:

    my cousin was pregnant when she got married, and she had the cutest tea-length dress i’ve ever seen. it was perfect. tea length looks great on pregnant ladies!

  6. La BellaDonna says:

    NtB, you’re saying your structured maternity wear looked good WITH the bump but not without it? That’s … kind of why I was recommending maternity wear, and not ONLY the flowy kind, to apple-shaped brides. Many apples retain their apple shapes on a day-to-day basis (regardless of whether or not that is their intent) – so, really, the structured kind of maternity wear should work, too, as long as it already suits the structure the wearers have. I’m not saying that apples shouldn’t wear the flowy outfits, just that they’re not limited to them.

  7. @La BellaDonna I guess what I was saying was that the bump should fit your bumps if you’re considering a structured maternity wedding dress, whether you’re pregnant or otherwise? Even when I was pregnant, there were plenty of clothes that had bumps far too big to fit my itty-bitty bump (never got to full term) so they wouldn’t work on me. I just ended up with an empty space!

  8. Chiken says:

    Such pretty dresses!