LOVE/HATE: The Sportswear Edition

Embroidered and bedazzled bridal sneakers… with heels. Bridal Chucks. And then there’s wellies, Uggs, and cowboy boots. I don’t think anyone can deny that footwear for the bride is a divisive issue when you move away from satin slippers and ivory pumps. All you have to do is look at comments like “Bridal shoes with personality are one thing. Completely tacky bedazzled canvas bridal shoes are another. Yuck!”

Photographer Mark Wallace snapped this pic of bride and groom sneakers from Adidas somewhere in New York — no surprise there — and I’m wondering what the readership thinks.

bride and groom sneakers

My take: At least they’re not covered in hot glued lace and glitter, like some bridal sneakers I’ve seen. What should we call their companions, groomal sneakers? You could wear them for a long time, since Adidas sneakers tend to last. And if you’re the kind of gal or guy who has spent practically your whole life in a pair of three stripes, then why not? I don’t love ’em, but I sure as hell don’t hate them as much as I hate most bridal sneakers.

What say you?

10 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Sportswear Edition”

  1. Sorry, I’m “hating” this new sneakers with formalwear trend. Guess I’m just an old-fashioned gal.

  2. MaryOfDoom says:

    How did I miss the earlier post about bridal Chucks? My husband and I wore matching custom Chucks for our wedding earlier this year. All anyone said at the event was, “What a great idea!”

    We plan to wear them again every year on our anniversary.

  3. Twistie says:

    Are these truly meant to be worn at the wedding? Or are they intended to go with your ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ and ‘Bridesmaid’ and ‘Third Cousin of the Groom, Twice Removed’ t shirts that people wear when the party gathers for rehearsal?

    Either way, burning hatred. Sneakers do not belong with formalwear without an intensely strong reason (such as the groom in an episode of Whose Wedding Is It, Anyway? who was a sneaker designer and created a pair of high tops in the same motifs they used throughout the wedding as a gift to his lady), and most people pretty quickly figure out who is fulfilling what role in a wedding party about five seconds after the officiant starts calling for order.

    I know who I am. If someone else does not, they are at perfect liberty to ask. Things like this remind me of name tags the first day of summer camp or kindergarten.

    Besides, I’m going to cease to be the bride, groom, or whatever member of the wedding party by the time the last bit of spilt champagne is mopped up. Then what do I do with the sneakers? Somehow I don’t think I’m going to get as sentimental about them as I am about the wedding gown.

    Waste. Of. Good. Money.

  4. Linda says:

    I think you should be comfortable on your wedding day. If sneakers will make you comfortable then go for it. These would also be great on a honeymoon where you might be doing a lot of activities like sightseeing.

  5. Chiken says:

    um, i hate them? of course?

  6. ChristianeF says:

    I don’t HATE them. But, I don’t love them either and I definitely wouldn’t wear them. I’m not a sneaker person.

    Maybe they’re for a sporty bride and groom to wear on their honeymoon?

  7. Blossom says:

    All i can think is “they would be really comfy work shoes.”

  8. Pencils says:

    I had bridal Chucks, yellow ones with daisies and red ladybugs (they came that way, I didn’t add them on.) I bought them in case my gorgeous bridal shoes hurt my feet–I didn’t want to spend my wedding day with hurting feet. However, my bridal shoes turned out to be both beautiful and ridiculously comfy, so I wore them the entire time. I just wish I had thought to get a photo of me in my wedding gown and yellow Chucks.

    I have no problem with the Adidas. They don’t have to be for the ceremony anyway, lots of people make sweatsuits or other clothes with “bride” and “groom” on it for the days before (and after) the wedding. And you could wear the Adidas for a long time afterward.

  9. Candida says:

    My $120 heels hurt my feet before the end of the ceremony. Luckily, I had worn my shell-toe ADIDAS with turquoise blue stripes earlier that day while we were setting up, so I did what worked for me. I put those shoes on under my beautiful wedding dress and hit the dance floor until the last person left. They matched the shall that I wore over my dress when it got cold, and it was something else that was blue for my day. The pictures look cute, because it just fits my personality. I wouldn’t buy the ones that say BRIDE but I did rock my own! And I loved it.

  10. Awesome, Candida! I bet your sneaks looked super cute!