Stationery Spotlight: Modern Girl Invitations

One trend I’m loving in wedding invitations and other things is bright, saturated colors. As we all know, wedding invitations give guests a hint as to the kind of wedding they’ll be attending and can even give them a sneak peek at your wedding colors. When I receive a vividly-hued invite I expect that I’ll be going to a wedding that will be a bit different from one that is heralded by a white wedding invitation with silver lettering.

wedding invitations for beach wedding

This beautiful teal wedding invitation suite with its three-tone flower comes from Modern Girl Invitations, which I love for their policy of allowing customers to change the colors on any of their designs for free. They also carry almost all the wedding stationery you could possibly want, from save-the-date cards to place cards to dinner menus to favor tags, and they work with brides and grooms to make every detail perfect. Need help with ordering, proofreading, colors or fonts, wording, or choosing paper? They’ve got you covered.

wedding invitations for a casual wedding

This colorful wedding invitation suite, also from Modern Girl Invitations, showcases dark purples, oranges, greens, peacock teal, mulberry, and a little gold… which is a lot of colors for one collection of wedding stationery! I don’t think I’ve ever received an invitation (wedding or otherwise) as bold and daring as this, but isn’t it just tremendously evocative of the wedding to follow?

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to choose wedding invitations and stationery that will match your eventual wedding color scheme or even the formality level of your ceremony and reception. But it is nice to give your guests a clue as to how they ought to dress and what kind of affair to expect, and color is one easy way to do it.

4 Responses to “Stationery Spotlight: Modern Girl Invitations”

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  2. AmazonPrincess says:

    Dagnabbit, and here I thought I had mine picked out… Then along comes more “Ooooh! Shiny!” 🙂

  3. niesha says:

    how can i order this invitations

  4. Follow the link in the post, niesha, and the people at Modern Girl Invitations will tell you everything you need to know.