Wine At Weddings… In Cupcakes!

There are many you and your guests can enjoy wine at your wedding reception. If you’re a wine aficionado, you might choose a few of your favorites to serve rather than having an open bar pouring the venue’s house wine. Some brides and grooms who want to introduce their guests to wines they may not have had before will dedicate some corner of the reception space to a wine tasting table. And a multi-course reception menu might come with a wine that harmonizes perfectly with the meal.

There’s another way to serve wine to your wedding guests, however, and this is a method of delivery of which I’m entirely too fond. Namely, cupcakes. That’s right, wine cupcakes… for the vineyard-inspired wedding, perhaps? Or the wine lover’s wedding?

wine cupcakes for weddings

Wine cupcake pioneer Enjoy Cupcakes of California — don’t worry, they ship — has you covered if the thought of wine and cake in one easy to eat package makes your eyes light up. Imagine giving your wedding guests a choice between Ginger Lime Chardonnay, Strawberry Champagne, Cherry Vanilla Merlot, and Chocolate Blackberry Syrah cupcakes! Maybe even paired with a matching wine option. FYI: Wine cupcakes aren’t all Enjoy Cupcake does (far from it!) but it does appear to be a signature feature of their weekly storefront menu.

You can, of course, try whipping up a batch of wine cupcakes yourself, as there is no shortage of recipes online, like this one for Chocolate Cannonau Cupcakes with Mascarpone Icing. I’m thinking I might just give these at this week’s end.

2 Responses to “Wine At Weddings… In Cupcakes!”

  1. Lou says:

    Okay, now I want to re-do my wedding. These sound amazing!

  2. I feel you, Lou. Imagine me, looking at all kinds of gorgeous wedding stuff every day, knowing I will hopefully never need it ever again!