Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Just last week, I reconnected with an old friend via Facebook. Turns out he’s engaged, and he and his fiancee are planning a baseball themed wedding. After congratulating me on my book, which will be celebrating its two-year anniversary this summer, oy, he asked if there was anything about baseball themed weddings in its pages. Well, no, I had to answer, but what a great idea for an inspirational post! So here it is, for Mike, a little something about baseball themed weddings to delight and inspire.


Obviously, the most rabid baseball fans will want to hold their weddings at the ball field, but that’s not always possible. Perhaps you and your intended could find a way to take a few post-wedding photographs on a pitcher’s mound… maybe not that of your favorite major league team, but still. Run the bases. Have yourself a bridal at bat. Tag each other out. Have fun with it!

baseball wedding invitationbaseball wedding invitation 2

This awesome baseball themed wedding invitation from Byvik Ink Letterpress is surprisingly classy. It starts out its life as the ball, then opens to reveal a beautiful pattern of twisting vines and stylized flowers. If your all time favorite team has red in its colors, you could easily take this red and gray wedding invitation and make it your own.

baseball wedding sweetheart table

A certain Sarah bought her Andy a pair of seats from Dodger stadium, which then became the seats at the sweetheart table at their elegant baseball themed wedding. Other awesome details include reception menus affixed to Cracker Jacks boxes and a ring bearer who carried a baseball glove instead of a ring pillow.

baseball wedding favors 2baseball wedding cake topper

Mini-gumball machine favors from Bridal Wedding Favors let your wedding guests take a piece of the baseball theme home with them, and then there is the requisite baseball cake topper with a bride up to bat and a groom poised to throw a perfect pitch. As you know, I’m not one for little bride and groom toppers, but if you’re going with a baseball theme, go all the way.

baseball wedding cakebaseball wedding favors

Finally, consider turning your reception sweets into a tribute to the team you spend baseball season cheering. Custom cookies, like these from A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe, make a great baseball themed wedding favor or an alternate dessert for those who don’t fancy cake. For those that do fancy cake, I suggest you opt for something like this, but in your team’s colors.

Congratulations, Mike — play ball!

8 Responses to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”

  1. Victor says:

    My girlfriend’s cousin had her rehearsal dinner at a minor-league game. While the minor-league suites aren’t as well-appointed as a major-league box, they’re still pretty darn nice, and they’re a lot more affordable to boot.

  2. Dynamite Weddings says:

    Such a cute theme! I love all the small details, especially the picture of the bride and groom jumping in the ball park!

  3. Toni says:

    That invitation is amazingly creative. I love it!

  4. Mae says:

    I love love love the baseball invitation, it’s so cute!

  5. Meghan Ewell says:


    Do you know where I could find that baseball bride and groom cake topper? I’ve been looking for a cute but classy one everywhere!


  6. Hey Meghan,

    My fiance and I love two different teams, so it was hard for us to find something we like. They also have same team toppers as well. We ordered this cake topper a couple weeks ago. The turn around time was less than a week, and they even changed the brides color hair to blonde so it matched mine. It turned out great. If anyone orders from them, please mention my name. The lady is wonderful there!!


  7. Kris says:

    OMG I LOVE this!!!!! I want a baseball themed wedding soooo bad! Just need to find a groom! lol