Even More Tips For Baseball-Loving Brides

baseball themed wedding

It struck me that brides and grooms thinking of planning a baseball themed wedding like my friend Mike mentioned in last week’s post might be inspired and impressed by seeing some of his plans. These are some of his and his fiancee’s wedding plans, and I am truly astounded by their thoroughness. It’s one thing to weave a theme into your wedding, but quite another to let your theme take center stage!

  • I had David Wright help me with the proposal — he’s one of the most popular players on the Mets right now, if you didn’t know.
  • The ceremony is going to be held at Citi Field, where the Mets play. How cool is that? All of the Mets games start 10 minutes after the hour, so the ceremony is going to begin at 1:10 p.m. and the reception will start at 7:10 p.m.
  • We invited everyone attending our baseball themed wedding to join us on our first week of the honeymoon on a cruise, so we sent out magnetic save-the-dates with the wedding date and cruise dates colored in the way a baseball team does on its schedule of games.
  • Our wedding invites are going to look like tickets with the stub being the RSVP.
  • The wedding programs will look like baseball programs, with the bridal party listed as the starting lineup, the minister as the umpire, our parents as the managers, etc.
  • Trish’s dress has a Mets blue sash, and my tuxedo vest will have the Mets logo on it.
  • We even found a place that makes boutonnieres out of baseballs! And Trish’s flowers will be either blue or white or orange and white.
  • The tables will be blue and orange and named after Mets players instead of the typical 1-12, and we’ll be at the number 41:Tom Seaver table. (We were going to make each table a baseball stadium that we have gone to.)
  • We will be introduced at the reception as a starting lineup, and Trish’s daughter is going to throw out the first pitch to me. (ed. – awwww) I also think the bridal party is going to make arches with baseball bats for us to walk under.
  • The last hour of the reception, instead of being a Viennese hour, will be a baseball hour with peanuts, Cracker Jack, ice cream in batting helmets, pretzels, hot dogs, etc. And we are going to change into “Team Wilder” baseball jerseys for that.
  • Finally, the thank you cards will look like baseball cards featuring me and Trish.

Now that’s taking a wedding theme all the way!

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3 Responses to “Even More Tips For Baseball-Loving Brides”

  1. Pencils says:

    This is the wrong team, but I just went to a bar mitzvah where the cake was in the shape of Yankee Stadium. They did a really good job, too. For the Mets wedding, the cake should be Shea Stadium, of course.

    Also, the yarmulkes for the guests were white with baseball stitching. Good for a Jewish wedding!

  2. Jessica says:

    This is my bizarro wedding! My grooms name is also Mike. We will be doing a cruise first for a destination ceremony and then coming home to have a wedding reception at Citi Field. We are even using the same boutonnieres out of baseballs!

  3. Love the baseball theme and all the ideas. Thanks for posting. My girlfriend just had a baseball themed wedding as well. She also had the stadium ticket invites and gameday wedding programs. She found them at sportsthemedweddings.com