A Gown With Heart

Wedding and bridal accessories featuring hearts abound in stores and online, from the classic measuring spoon favors with hearts for bowls to heart-shaped cake toppers upon heart-shaped cake toppers. Heart-shaped cookies… wedding cakes embellished with rolled fondant hearts… even a surprisingly pretty (from far away) Vivienne Westwood jelly pump featuring a luxurious red heart at the toe.

What you don’t see is a lot of wedding dresses decorated with hearts outside of the Hello Kitty novelty frocks. In fact, I only found four or so, all of which I’m posting here so they can be more easily found in the future.

hearts wedding dress 1

It’s hearts all the way down on this wedding dress that looks rather like something a kindergartner would give his momma for Valentine’s Day, but I’m willing to guess that the photograph doesn’t do it justice. This is now, to my mind, the kind of wedding dress that improves upon zooming in with the camera, but I could see it looking quite fascinating from a slight distance.

wedding dress with hearts 2

Lose the heart on the head, and I’m sold. The two hearts placed where the strap meets the bodice on this wedding dress pay just enough tribute to a hearts wedding theme without leaving the bride looking like a spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

hearts wedding dress 2

The same goes for this wedding dress — and the hearts on the head. The texture is nice when paired with the very smooth bodice and plain skirt. It’s an understated and still relatively grownup way of embellishing a wedding dress with hearts.

wedding dress with hearts

And then there’s this. Um. Er… the funny thing is that the colored tights and scarves draped every which way actually turn what was an all right wedding dress into something of a joke. I found a much better photo once upon a time of a normal looking model showing it off against a plain background, and while I wouldn’t say a giant sequined heart is what everyone wants on their chest, to each her own!

Wedding dress the first is by Blushless, while the second, third, and fourth are by Novissima.

2 Responses to “A Gown With Heart”

  1. Josie says:

    I love Blushless! Her dresses are amazing!

  2. @Josie I do agree, though I have to say that the hearts dress probably isn’t the best example of the Blushless style.