Perfect For Just Hanging Around

How sweet is this silver wedding dress hanger from Lila Frances? If it was terribly expensive as so many things associated with weddings are, I might turn up my nose at it for being silly, but at $20, it’s a cute little keepsake that you’ll see every day when you’re rummaging in your closet.

wedding dress hanger 2

While I’ll admit that a personalized wedding dress hanger isn’t the most practical sort of pre-wedding gift for the bride-to-be (or from the bride-to-be to herself), these hangers do look quite nice in those iconic ‘wedding dress waiting for the bride’ photos.

wedding dress hanger

One word of caution: Don’t leave a heavy wedding gown hanging from it for any length of time, lest it warp the lettering.

7 Responses to “Perfect For Just Hanging Around”

  1. Stella says:

    No! Wire! Hangerrrrrrrs!!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. Toni says:

    Stella beat me to the joke.

  3. La BellaDonna says:

    Also? Don’t hang a fragile, heavily beaded gown from a hanger – it may tear under its own weight.

    Heh. I could NEVER have hung my gown up on that hanger even for a minute – it would have bent into a paperclip!

  4. LOVE this,

    As a photographer who has one of his images on this page, I discovered Manolo for the Brides while looking at my logs one day. Since then I have been a stalker of this amazing blog.

    Its little things like this, that transform a simple wedding dress photo into something much more interesting and more importantly much more personal.

    Love this hanger – love this site.


  5. lj says:

    The wire hangers are sweet. And I do love them though a heavy dress will not do well on them, If you can bend the wire easily by hand it will bend under a heavy dress.

    Ones that won’t and are great for maybe the bride who has a very long or hyphenated name can be found at Tokyo Blues on etsy. She can dye the ribbon and the flower to the colors of your wedding and the hangers are heavily padded silk so the straps will not fall off, they cut into the padding which holds them in place. The hanger underneath is wood and will hold any weight of dress and the hook rotates to accomodate any angel of photo.

  6. lj says:

    P.S. and if mommie dearest does want to beat you with a hanger, this one will not leave any bruises or marks.

  7. @lj Your post script cracked me up! NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!