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Table Decor, It’s Not Just Flowers Anymore

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

Flowers are lovely. Flowers are traditional. Flowers are expected at weddings…but they aren’t for everyone. You – or someone else in the wedding party may have bad allergies. You may be concerned about the environmental impact of large numbers of cut flowers. You may just want your wedding to look unlike others you’ve seen. It doesn’t really matter what your reasons are. You don’t need to explain them to anyone else or apologize for them. You just need some ideas from outside the box.

If you don’t want flowers but still want to go organic, consider other plants, such as fruit:
No Flowers Apples

or vegetables:
No Flower Artichokes

Queen Victoria: Recycling Bride

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

What do you think of when you think of Queen Victoria? I’m betting you don’t think of recycling, or of frugality. The truth is, though, that she hated waste, wasn’t huge on pomp and circumstance where it could be helped, and was tremendously sentimental. These three facts combined to make sure she reused her wedding lace for the rest of her life.
Queen Victoria This is what the scene looked like on February 10, 1840, when young Queen Victoria married her cousin Prince Albert at the Chapel Royal, St. James.

Compared to other royal brides of the period, Victoria dressed simply. She kept the jewels to a minimum and had her wedding clothes made of English products, including her lace. In fact, it’s widely believed that she ordered the Honiton lace ensemble of wide skirt flounce, narrow sleeve flounces, veil, and a fichu before she even proposed to Albert. Whether or not that’s true, she certainly did have the lace made in the village of Beer under the direction of one Miss Jane Bidney. It took some two hundred lacemakers to create the set. When the lace was completed, she ordered the patterns destroyed so that it could not be replicated.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Don’t Want a Huge Wedding? You’re Not Alone!

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

I think my lovely colleague and I have done our parts to convey the sentiment that every wedding is a good wedding. As long as no one got seriously hurt, no one was arrested or assaulted, and the bride(s) and/or groom(s) were legally wed by the officiant of their choosing, the wedding was a success. Maybe things went a little wrong here and there… the baker never showed so gram had to go down to Publix for six sheet cakes in the pouring rain, but you said your “I dos” and no one went without cake.

Why am I bringing this up for the umpteenth time? Because it comes to my attention every now again that there are plenty of people who think there is a definite right way to get married, and if you’re not getting married the right way, your marriage is doooooooomed. The right way usually involves white dresses, high heels, bridal veils, bridesmaids, groomsmen, big churches, solemnity, being escorted down the aisle by daddy, traditional music, limos, a tiered cake, father-daughter dances, circulated nibbles, an open bar, and at least 100 of your closest relatives and friends, if not a great many more.

small weddings

The fact is, however, that some brides and grooms don’t want wedding attendants or butlered hors d’oeuvres or a gaggle of attendants or any of the other pomp and circumstance that frequently surrounds the modern wedding. Some couples don’t even particularly want guests other than a handful of witnesses, and where it’s a legal possibility, there are people who choose to have their officiant and a wedding photographer provide for the legal necessities. And sadly, sometimes these brides and grooms feel guilty about wanting small weddings, if a question posted to Metafilter is any indication.


LOVE/HATE: The Disco Diva Edition

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

For this week’s LOVE/HATE, we have an Unrath & Strano wedding dress from the spring/summer 2010 collection. A prairie neck ruffle comes together with what looks to be mother of pearl… the ruffle continues on in sash form to the dropped waist only to be split in two and spat out from under a shiny belt. And the best part: Around the saddlebags, a discarded tube top from the 70s!

Unrath & Strano Wedding Dress

The weird thing is that I want to hate it so badly, but there’s a part of me that keeps saying “ON THE RIGHT BRIDE, ON THE RIGHT BRIDE” over and over again like a song stuck in my head. I can picture this wedding dress looking amazing, perhaps on the bride who looks just like the model? Or in just the right venue? It’s as if this frock has hypnotized me into loving it even though everything about it breaks some fashion rule I have for myself.

What say you?

(Photo by Boris Marberg)

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Just last week, I reconnected with an old friend via Facebook. Turns out he’s engaged, and he and his fiancee are planning a baseball themed wedding. After congratulating me on my book, which will be celebrating its two-year anniversary this summer, oy, he asked if there was anything about baseball themed weddings in its pages. Well, no, I had to answer, but what a great idea for an inspirational post! So here it is, for Mike, a little something about baseball themed weddings to delight and inspire.


Obviously, the most rabid baseball fans will want to hold their weddings at the ball field, but that’s not always possible. Perhaps you and your intended could find a way to take a few post-wedding photographs on a pitcher’s mound… maybe not that of your favorite major league team, but still. Run the bases. Have yourself a bridal at bat. Tag each other out. Have fun with it!

baseball wedding invitationbaseball wedding invitation 2

This awesome baseball themed wedding invitation from Byvik Ink Letterpress is surprisingly classy. It starts out its life as the ball, then opens to reveal a beautiful pattern of twisting vines and stylized flowers. If your all time favorite team has red in its colors, you could easily take this red and gray wedding invitation and make it your own.

baseball wedding sweetheart table

A certain Sarah bought her Andy a pair of seats from Dodger stadium, which then became the seats at the sweetheart table at their elegant baseball themed wedding. Other awesome details include reception menus affixed to Cracker Jacks boxes and a ring bearer who carried a baseball glove instead of a ring pillow.

baseball wedding favors 2baseball wedding cake topper

Mini-gumball machine favors from Bridal Wedding Favors let your wedding guests take a piece of the baseball theme home with them, and then there is the requisite baseball cake topper with a bride up to bat and a groom poised to throw a perfect pitch. As you know, I’m not one for little bride and groom toppers, but if you’re going with a baseball theme, go all the way.

baseball wedding cakebaseball wedding favors

Finally, consider turning your reception sweets into a tribute to the team you spend baseball season cheering. Custom cookies, like these from A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe, make a great baseball themed wedding favor or an alternate dessert for those who don’t fancy cake. For those that do fancy cake, I suggest you opt for something like this, but in your team’s colors.

Congratulations, Mike — play ball!

A Proposal Framed In Light

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Derick Childress knew he wanted to do something better than ordinary when he proposed to Emily Kern, and I think he got it right. Eight hundred unique ten-second exposures later, he had his proposal.

The video illustrates how Childress used light writing to create his proposal, and a slightly more detailed breakdown of the project can be found on his and his fiancee’s web site. Talk about putting some effort into your proposal! I’d say it’s on par with the Muir Owl proposal, enlisting the help of Neil Gaiman, and hacking a video game to pop the question.

Wine At Weddings… In Cupcakes!

Monday, January 18th, 2010

There are many you and your guests can enjoy wine at your wedding reception. If you’re a wine aficionado, you might choose a few of your favorites to serve rather than having an open bar pouring the venue’s house wine. Some brides and grooms who want to introduce their guests to wines they may not have had before will dedicate some corner of the reception space to a wine tasting table. And a multi-course reception menu might come with a wine that harmonizes perfectly with the meal.

There’s another way to serve wine to your wedding guests, however, and this is a method of delivery of which I’m entirely too fond. Namely, cupcakes. That’s right, wine cupcakes… for the vineyard-inspired wedding, perhaps? Or the wine lover’s wedding?

wine cupcakes for weddings

Wine cupcake pioneer Enjoy Cupcakes of California — don’t worry, they ship — has you covered if the thought of wine and cake in one easy to eat package makes your eyes light up. Imagine giving your wedding guests a choice between Ginger Lime Chardonnay, Strawberry Champagne, Cherry Vanilla Merlot, and Chocolate Blackberry Syrah cupcakes! Maybe even paired with a matching wine option. FYI: Wine cupcakes aren’t all Enjoy Cupcake does (far from it!) but it does appear to be a signature feature of their weekly storefront menu.

You can, of course, try whipping up a batch of wine cupcakes yourself, as there is no shortage of recipes online, like this one for Chocolate Cannonau Cupcakes with Mascarpone Icing. I’m thinking I might just give these at this week’s end.