Something Blue, On the Chain

Still looking for your “something blue”? Plenty of brides hide something blue under their skirts in the form of a blue bridal garter or blue satin shoes. Then there are brides who add a touch of blue to their wedding gowns with the addition of a sash or even wear an entirely blue wedding dress! Maybe, however, none of these options sounds right to you. May I suggest a bridal necklace that features a big splash of sparkling blue? For just under $50, a frequently closer to $30, a bride can get something blue that is bright, fun, and totally rewearable. Here are four of my faves:

something blue 5

From afar, this blue pendant necklace from An Optimistic Cynic looks rather like blue opal because of the different colors, but come closer and you see that it’s actually painted flowers. Matching beads on a uniquely-shaped chain complete the look. ($25)

something blue 2

A true vintage glass jewel in rich sapphire blue is paired with a gold-plated chunky chain by Zhivana Designs is dramatic and glamorous, without being too busy… and there are even matching earrings! ($32)

something blue 3

A modern brass chain is paired with an estate stone in a very unusually necklace from Corinne Oliver. The unique setting and the decorative clasp complete the picture — it’s definitely a necklace that your wedding guests will notice. ($49.45)

something blue 4

And my personal favorite, which I would buy right now if The Beard and I weren’t participating in a spending freeze in the name of frugality (aaargh!), comes from Shoogi. A turquoise blue Lucite rose cabochon hangs from an outer brass chain, and a little brass leaf hangs from an inner brass chain in a double necklace that’s a steal at $28.

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