The Wedding You Crave?

If the thought of getting married in a fast food joint makes you feel a little ill, it might just be the belly bombs getting to you. The fourth wedding in the series of fast food weddings — the McDonald’s wedding, the Waffle House wedding, and the Taco Bell wedding — that have come across our plate is the recent White Castle Wedding. Make that two White Castle Weddings.

Edward Denson and Tamika March’e Thomas said their vows on Valentine’s Day at an Ohio White Castle after winning a radio contest with a prize package that included a fast food wedding, a diamond pendant, and a White Castle gift card.

white castle wedding 2

Amazingly, while Edward and Tamika were saying their vows in Ohio, Stephanie Keil and Rich Brostowski were doing the same in New Jersey… at a White Castle… after winning a radio contest!

white castle wedding 1

My heartfelt congratulations to both couples, who I hope included Maalox on their wedding registries.

One Response to “The Wedding You Crave?”

  1. We go to White Castle every Valentine’s Day for their “table service” dinner- but I have no idea why, the food is awful and gives us a stomachache every year. I guess it takes us the full year to forget the pain of the previous year.