A Chick and Her Cat Get Hitched

How fun is this gangster themed wedding party? (Not to be confused with a gangsta themed wedding party, which would be somewhat different… more velour, for one). One Jazz Defo snapped these pics of the wedding of some good friends. You have a gangster, who’s dizzy with his dame, his cats, a gorgeous bim, and one hell of a bean-shooter.

gangster wedding 4

gangster wedding 1

gangster wedding 3

I am loving their choices of wedding day attire — it may not be traditional, but it still looks way sharp. It’s pretty obvious that the bride and groom had fun with their choice of theme and even more fun getting their wedding photos taken. Oh, and yes, that’s a real Thompson submachine gun he’s holding! Way to take a wedding theme all the way!

8 Responses to “A Chick and Her Cat Get Hitched”

  1. Melissa B. says:

    So awesome. No words.

  2. Anna Urman says:

    So what is it about devotion, love, and family that makes people think Tommy Guns and bank robberies?

  3. @Anna I’ve often wondered the same thing about some less than lovey wedding themes… I seem to remember the Spears/Federline union involving track suits reading ‘pimps’ and ‘hoes’ and goodness knows that marriage was built to last 😉

  4. bridal girl says:

    Great job! great photographer!

  5. Anna, I’m with you. A person I know had this theme at her third wedding – gangsters with tommy guns and dance-hall girls.

    Shockingly, the marriage did not last.

    Nor did her fourth marriage.

    This is the same person who licked my husband when she met him for the first time. On the cheek, but still. She licked him. Not saying there is a connection between licking and poor taste in wedding attire and the inability to stay married, but the facts are there.

  6. Licked him? LICKED HIM? Ew. I think there might actually be a connection between introductory licking and bad taste on the part of the licker.

  7. SusanC says:

    Well the theme certainly lends itself to a great party at the reception. Nothing like a little Prohibition-era hooch!

    I guess Gangsters fall into same category as pre-20th century Pirates in “interesting bad guys.” There’s a certain amount of great costuming, historical research and inherent naughtiness in breaking rules that makes it kinda fun. Though I will really be creeped out if someone decides to hold a wedding in Nazi regalia.