Perfect Pairings: Parrott Design Studio and Neither Snow

Wedding invitation calligraphy — a trio of words you wouldn’t have found anywhere in my wedding budget. We were doing things on the cheap as it was, so the thought of paying someone to address my fancifully hand address my invitations was not one that even occurred to me. Our wedding invitation (seal-and-send, so utterly lacking in envelopes anyway) featured my off-kilter script and The Beard’s jagged letters, yet found their way to our recipients anyway. Still, I don’t fault brides and grooms for paying for wedding invitation calligraphy since for many, the whole point of a wedding is that everything involved ought to be a cut above normal.

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not a huge calligraphy fan. I do like, however, Neither Snow‘s unique writing style, which veers away from girly and is… I don’t know… messily elegant? It reminds me of the sort of handwriting one sees on very old pieces of correspondence written by people on very good terms with their intended recipients. It’s familiar, not formal, but still fancy enough to satisfy those who want everything at their weddings to be a bit better than good. And you know what else is familiar, fancy, but not fussy? Letterpress invitations, of course! I thought it would be fun to pair some of Neither Snow’s work with invitations from the gorgeous Parrott Design Studio, with its lovely, simple invitations inspired by vintage ephemera, flora, and fauna. So here goes!

pink wedding invitation
wedding invitation calligraphy

Pink, black, and a touch of mustard? Love it! I’m also digging on the vintage postage stamp, with Neither Snow will happily find for those who want to spruce up their envelopes with that extra special something.

custom save-the-date
place card calligraphy

That touch of mustard could appear in unusual places, like save-the-date cards featuring botanical embellishments and place cards that are hand-lettered and hard to miss.

orange wedding invitation
table number calligraphy

And speaking of color (like the awesome orange above) it’s trendy nowadays to have your wedding invitation’s paper feature one or more of your wedding colors while the ink is your basic black, but there’s nothing wrong with the classic colored ink on white. Depending on who’s printing what, your invitation ink can do double duty on your table number cards.

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