Bridal Bouquets Go Large and Loose

Brides who are bored with the usual bouquets and boutonnieres and reception table centerpieces should think large and loose with lots of unusual greenery and even berries (as opposed to structured bunches of roses or daises). For inspiration, I looked to the Brooklyn-based full-service floral design studio Saipua. They’re happy to venture outside of the five boroughs for weddings, provided brides and grooms are willing to order packages totaling at least $6,000. Worth it? Maybe, depending on how much you like flowers.

large bridal bouquets

Unfortunately, Saipua doesn’t ship as they prefer to think of themselves as full-service florists. For that price, they better be. Those of us who are already married and those who can’t justify devoting that much of a wedding budget to florals can at least look and drool and find inspiration in their bigger, bushier bouquets. Note: There’s plenty of sweet bridal bouquet porn under the cut!

large bridal bouquets

I wish Saipua would list a something about each bridal bouquet featured on their site because I am the pits at identifying flowers and greens. What, for example, are the sprigs sticking out of this bouquet?

bridal bouquet

How romantic is this pretty, feminine bouquet? I think it would be perfect for a traditional white wedding (political messages excepted, of course).

wedding flowers

I love this bouquet, with its fresh colors, because it’s so evocative of springtime. It’s practically bursting with life and vitality like an English garden in full bloom.

wedding flowers

This simple bouquet makes me think of springtime and outdoor garden weddings on blustery days. I might switch out the ribbon for something purple or green.

wedding flowers

Finally, something slightly different. A little headier and more serious without losing that awesome botanical beauty that defines the larger, looser bridal bouquets. Wouldn’t it be awesome paired with a black wedding dress or maybe even red?

5 Responses to “Bridal Bouquets Go Large and Loose”

  1. Toni says:

    I promise my brain thinks about other things sometimes, but…

    I want the shoes off the far left bridesmaid.

    That is all.

  2. Nothing like gorgeous flowers to brighten up a gals day! =)

  3. Twistie says:

    Mmmmm…pretty. So spring-like and delightful. That burst of orange is making me so, so happy.

  4. Courtney says:

    The flower you couldn’t identify is Gooseneck Loosestrife…just thought you might like to know 🙂