Inspiration: F-U-N

To start off the week, I wanted to feature some pics from a wedding designed by the awesome and amazingJesi Haack. I’m pretty sure that if a genie came to me and told me I could go back in time to attend three wedding, this would be one of them. It just looks like it was so much fun, and how often can you really say that about a wedding?

hollywood wedding outdoor LS

The venue was in L.A., and the bride and groom really worked the whole Hollywood angle to good effect. Think movie posters as reception table names and centerpieces.

hollywood wedding outdoor

Here’s where I simply must ask how many brides would be brave enough to hang their wedding gowns on a street sign for a photo op? Maybe the same kind of bride who rocked the karaoke mic at her reception?

hollywood wedding indoors

I know, I know, more deets. How about this: A vintage ticket booth served up the seating assignments! I’m not sure who the kid is, but what a cool way to include him in the wedding!

hollywood wedding

L.A., you crack me up. Apparently there was no shortage of photo opportunities involving freaky-deakies. Props to the bride and her maids for taking advantage of the scenery — these are the kind of wedding photos that memories are made of, not boring posed shots in vestibules.

Oh, and I have to mention that the bride did a choreographed dance to “All The Single Ladies” in lieu of a bouquet toss. I know there’s some debate over whether wedding guests should have to sit through dance numbers, but everyone in this video seems to be enjoying it!

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