Peacock – It’s More Than Just a Color

Peacocks are fascinatingly beautiful birds, so it’s no wonder that some brides take their color inspiration from that amazing plumage. But you could go that extra mile and make peacocks your wedding theme, especially if you have no problems using feathers as decor (which some folks do). To me, the most obvious place to use peacock feathers is in the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets, but floral arrangements aren’t the only place they look stunning.

Peacock-Bouquet rde

Peacock feathers also look lovely in boutonnieres, where their size means they play a starring role, and in reception table centerpieces. There are plenty of peacock wedding cake designs to be found via GIS, though a talented cake designer would be able to invent one just for you. Peacock feathers could be woven into the flower garlands decorating the ceremony space, or used in other ways to enhance an otherwise blah space, or oR OR…

peacock wedding gown

Or you could, you know, just wear an awesome peacock wedding dress inspired by the bird itself! I rabidly adore this dress! Yes, I am foaming at the mouth!

…moving on, how about peacock wedding invitations like these from Izzy & the Bean Design, Peacock Invitations, and Paper Olive? There are so many ways a bride and groom might incorporate a peacock wedding theme into their invites, from sending invitations embellished with real feathers to choosing wedding stationery with decorated with stylized peacocks (that don’t even have to be peacock-colored).

Peacock wedding invitations

peacock blue wedding invitations 2

Don’t let the groom and his guys out of the fun — these peacock feather ties are pretty subtle, especially if you’re not looking for the pattern, but a little treat to those who notice it.

peacock ties groom

Far more overt and also deliciously stunning, this peacock feather headpiece from Sewperlative would jazz up even the most subdued wedding day attire. If the bride would rather wear white, Sewperlative can accommodate, in which case perhaps the bridesmaids could rock the bright plumage.

peacock headband

The peacock bouquet and other peacock feather enhanced wedding flowers below were created by Lana of Fairbanks Florist in Orlando, FL. I love how the feathers are taking the lead in the bride’s bouquet instead of playing second fiddle to the flowers. It’s almost like a peacock feather fan that happened to run smack into a small floral arrangement. Pretty, no?

peacock wedding flowers

But wait, there’s more! Busy Button sells pretty custom painted peacock ring bearer pillows in the bride and groom’s wedding color palette. Again, it’s not an overt use of the peacock’s plumes, but it is definitely in keeping with the peacock wedding theme.

peacock ring pillow

And finally, here’s a little reception table inspiration, compliments of the Indian Blue (and perhaps sometimes the Green peafowl, where the males and females both sport backside brilliance, though these are endangered).

peacock blue wedding

11 Responses to “Peacock – It’s More Than Just a Color”

  1. What a great idea – I like the floral arrangement and guest book pen. It would be fun to use peacock pieces and then the beautiful blues for the colors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fabrisse says:

    Unfortunately, in my culture, peacock feathers are such stunningly bad luck that I would never with them on a bride.

    The colors are lovely though.

  3. Gina says:

    I was skeptical when I read the title but it only took that peacock wedding dress to win me over! Love this idea!

  4. Twistie says:

    I love the inspiration of this palette. It creates something that’s automatically opulent and slightly mysterious, doesn’t it?

    I’m not usually a feathery person, but I seriously want one of those peacock headbands. Too yummy for words.

  5. Kimberly says:

    I did a peacock feather theme, in the floal arrangements, table names, programs, etc..then the groom wore a calla and a feather in his boutonniere and his guys and the dads wore pink roses and peacock feathers, all the floaral arrangments were pink rose and callas with the feather, and then my girls carried brown and blue (pool and latte) feather fans with peacock feathers in them and I carried an all white feather fan with peacock feathers, a great gift idea to your girls since they can keep the fans forever

  6. I love the color combo in peacock feathers. They flow so nicely and can be masculine and feminine at the same time!

  7. BunnyBlue says:

    I think they are lovely , but I also was brought up where peacock feather are bad luck. Personally I have had a few too many run in with “wild” peacocks and HATE HATE HATE them…. but I’m prejudice =). They ARE pretty.

  8. Jennifer says:

    One of my friends used peacocks as a theme in her wedding,but she didn’t over do,just a few touches here and there.It was a very nice wedding in a park.I love outdoor weddings 🙂

  9. ChristianeF says:

    OMG! That dress!

  10. the headpiece is gorgeous, wedding or no wedding. I’ve been into headbands lately, so just might add a similar to my collection.

  11. I’m not usually a feathery person, but I seriously want one of those peacock headbands. Too yummy for words.