Can’t Afford a Vera Wang Gown – There’s Always Vera Wang for the Sweetheart Table

Vera Wang has her little fingers in everything from “home fashion” to paper to flowers (thanks to FTD) and even mattresses, so it should come as no surprise that she has her own line of wedding ceremony accessories. Her Love Knots collection is, apparently, “a pattern that exemplifies the femininity of a bride, as well the artistry of the designer.” Er, thanks for telling me because I wouldn’t have noticed the artistry otherwise!.

Vera Wang Love Knots Bud Vase SetVera Wang Love Knots 5x5 Wedding Frame
Vera Wang Love Knots Kissing BellVera Wang With Love Cake Knife & Server Set
Vera Wang With Love Toasting FlutesVera Wang Love Knots Photo Album

Ho hum. It’s all right as silver and silverplate go, but I’m not enthralled. For those brides who are, there are picture frames and toasting flutes and kissing bells, all featuring what Wedgwood calls the “unmistakeable Vera Wang solution.” To what problem, I certainly do not know.

4 Responses to “Can’t Afford a Vera Wang Gown – There’s Always Vera Wang for the Sweetheart Table”

  1. Toni says:

    Incredibly underwhelmed.

  2. Twistie says:

    Wow. Do those look phoned in or what?

    I know Vera specializes in minimalism, but these are just dull.

    Oh, and if I had my way, all kissing bells would be destroyed by any means necessary. I just have this thing about them. They annoy me.

  3. @Toni You and me both!

    @Twistie I know I posted about kissing bells or maybe all of the kissing paraphernalia once upon a time…righteo, here it is. I’ve always found the whole kissing bell thing to be odd and cringe-worthy (I’ll kiss when I want to kiss, thanks!), but I understand some people think its cute or funny.

  4. JRM says:

    “The Vera Wang solution” is to the problem of not having enough Vera Wang at one’s wedding, of course.