Wedding Underwear As Wedding Outerwear?

Prina Tornai has come up more than once here at Manolo for the Brides because she is someone who is no afraid to include see-through details in her bridal designs. I’m thinking that she and Julia Kontogruni would have plenty to talk about if they met over a nice cup of coffee somewhere.

Julia Kontogruni wedding dress

While it looks like there’s a chance that this Julia Kontogruni wedding dress isn’t quite see-through in the bodice, it does bear a striking resemblance to quite a bit of the lingerie marketed toward brides specifically for the wedding night. Of course, you’ll see a lot more flesh at the beach on any given summer and it could definitely be racier.

But really now, what the hell is going on here?

Julia Kontogruni wedding pants

Perfect for your 1980s Bon Jovi backstage stripper and Bedazzler themed wedding, perhaps?

3 Responses to “Wedding Underwear As Wedding Outerwear?”

  1. 37 Butter Knives says:

    I’m sure my priest wouldn’t have an issue with the last one. It has a bolero.

    I must say neither Julia K. nor Pnina “Stripper Fairy” Tornai could top Hungarian designer Barbara Léber (known as Léber Barbara – the Hungarians put the surname first). The logical progression from gowns that look like underwear are creations that make it very, very clear you’re not wearing underwear.

    NSFW (The “W” means both “work” and “weddings”!)

  2. Twistie says:

    I predict the bottom image sans bolero will be Pam Anderson’s next wedding ensemble. After all, where else is there to go after the wedding bikini?

    37Butter Knives, you aren’t kidding about Leber Barbara, are you! Kids, when 37Butter Knives says NSFW, she means NSFW.

  3. stynxno says:

    So will Julia Kontogruni be the new designer on “Say Yes to the Dress” that “just happens to be in the store” and gives her advice to brides who should really really really be avoiding her?

    And as much as I dislike the see through bodice, I’m really really not liking the sequin/crystal/whatever designs. Reminds me too much of the fake glow-in-the-dark star fields I put on my ceiling when I was 7.