A Modern (and Metal!) Guestbook

While I personally am an avid reader, I understand that not everyone is, and thus there will be brides and grooms without bookshelves upon which to store a wedding guestbook when it comes to pass that the wedding photo album and the guestbook no longer feel fresh enough to deserve a spot on the coffee table.

Guestbooks that aren’t so much books as they are addresses (and of course good wishes) masquerading as recipes are cute — as are things like this — but where exactly does it live a few years post-wedding? The answer to the question “What to do with our wedding guestbook?” might just lie in ditching the “book” part. While we’re at it, wedding keepsakes could get a bit less cutesy.

engravable guest book platter

Right now I’m loving the stuff at I Do Engravables. When your wedding guestbook is something a tad more practical, you don’t have to figure out where you’re going to put it once you’re too busy living life to keep reminiscing about your ceremony every hour on the hour.

If you’re the sort of bride (or groom) who likes to display things on other things, consider opting for one of I Do Engravable’s engravable platters instead of a guestbook. The special engraving pen that comes with every order works just like a ballpoint (though you may have to have some instructions handy so your wedding guests know that pretty pewter plate they see is actually your guestbook).

Not a fan of plates? No worries! Brides and grooms who just aren’t platter people aren’t left out of the etching funtimes, since I Do Engravables also carries engravable picture frame matting that’s made out of highly polished metal (instead of wussy poster board and fading ink).

One Response to “A Modern (and Metal!) Guestbook”

  1. Kristin says:

    I love the picture matting! That’s a wonderful idea for people like us, who have wall space but no storage space.