Bridal Shoes, Two (Very Different) Ways

About as different from your standard Kate Spades as you can get, vintage bridal shoes are getting popular enough that shops like Kindred Sole are starting to carry them as part of their regular inventory.

vintage bridal shoes

Brides who are committed to employing vintage bridal shoes as their “Something Old” may still have a hunt in front of them, however. With vintage, what you see is what you get, and that includes size. Better to have a pair of vintage style bridal shoes made for you by a shoemaker, I think, as these could still serve as your “Something New” and if made beautifully, will fit your feet like a dream.

Which brings me to another way to do bridal shoes, namely the humble bridal slipper meant to be stored in the wedding day emergency kit until the bride’s poor dogs are barking. Fit in Clouds sells slipper-like shoes that fold flat and fit into a pouch for portability, cost about twenty bucks, and have a ballet shoe-esque split sole.

bridal slippers

For those brides and bridesmaids happiest walking barefoot, I can see a pair of slippers from Fit in Clouds being the perfect solution to tired tosies. However, brides and bridesmaids who require some degree of support to feel comfortable on their feet might want to just stick to the well-made shoe.

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