Show It Off Or Keep It Hidden, But Wear It Well

Just because you, like most, – I think – Manolo for the Brides readers aren’t tossing your bridal garter doesn’t mean that you can’t wear one tucked up underneath the crinoline layers of your wedding dress. Some brides even think it’s a hoot to choose a fun, sexy, or themed wedding garter that will only be seen by a few thigh VIPs. I didn’t toss mine, but I still wore one that was made just for me by a friend. I was so proud of it that there are pics of me showing it off to quite a few people, with my skirts hitched high, but not too high.

Had I not had a friend with sewing skills who offered to make my garter, I might have gone with a custom job from The Garter Girl (aka Julianne Smith). Her simple, stylish wedding garters are made of sweet stuff like grosgrain and satin ribbons, feathers, tulle flowers, jeweled brooches, silk, and pearls.

custom wedding garter 2

wine wedding garter

jeweled wedding garter


lace wedding garter

peacock wedding garter

Pretty, no? Garters are fully customizable, or brides can choose from one of many off-the-rack options. There are even eco-friendly bridal garters, which are made from materials that are themselves made from recycled plastic bottles!

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