NtB Loves: Simple Silhouettes

Bells and whistles? Some brides just don’t need ’em when it comes to their bridesmaids’ dresses. But there sure are a lot of sashes, bows, ruching, and patterns out there these days. What’s a basics-loving bride to do? Enter Simple Silhouettes, solving the bridesmaid frippery problem one classically chic dress at a time.

Simple Silhouettes bridesmaid

Simple Silhouettes bridesmaid 4

Simple Silhouettes bridesmaid 5

Simple Silhouettes bridesmaid 3

I feel like there’s not a huge amount of variation among Simple Silhouettes’ offerings, but when you get something right, why waste time trying to come up with one hundred very different incarnations of perfect? If a bride wants something else, she can go elsewhere. It’s called Simple Silhouettes for a reason, after all.

“Having sewn and designed clothes for herself since she was very young, she came to the rescue [of friends getting married] by designing some classic boat neck sheath dresses in a beautiful cashmere and wool fabric,” Christina Dalle Pezze says in her About page. “In doing so, she realized there was a real need for simple bridesmaid dresses. Determined to fill the void in the market, she designed a small line of timeless, elegant dresses, made them from fine silk fabrics, and called them bridesmaid dresses.”

And just for fun, here’s a look into the Simple Silhouettes New York studio, as taken by Brooklyn Bride for her tour of the premises.

Simple Silhouettes New York Showroom

I love the dresses hanging on the rack in perfect order – there’s something so inspirational about that part of the space, like you could just start planning your wedding right there on the couch with nothing more more than the beautiful colors to guide you.

4 Responses to “NtB Loves: Simple Silhouettes”

  1. Victor says:

    Applause, applause! As a former bartender, I’ve seen more bridesmaids dresses than I can count, and I still remember the best: All of the bridesmaids wore cream-colored sheaths with elbow-length gloves. They were, to say the least, fabulous.

  2. Those dresses look like they really could “be worn again.”

  3. Sarah says:

    My sister and I opted for a S.S. dress for her to wear for my wedding this fall. It is great to see them getting some blog love! They really are simple, but that makes them rather timeless and definitely re-wearable. And I have to say they are cut quite nicely to make them very flattering. Little sis is going to look dreamy!

  4. Erez othem says:

    Those are stunning!