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LOVE/HATE: The ‘Clap Your Hands and Say, “I Believe In Fairies!”‘ Edition

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

What do you get when you combine albino moths, hot glue, and an otherwise sweet wedding dress? You get the Tinkerbell Long Twinkle Dress from Temperley London!

Tinkerbell Long Twinkle Dress

Okay, so they’re not albino moths. But they sure do look like them, even when you zoom in. At nearly $12,000, I’d hope that the hundreds of three dimensional silk flowers that take four days to sew would look more like flowers. I’m going to say: Love the bones, hate the overall dress.

What say you?

Show It Off Or Keep It Hidden, But Wear It Well

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Just because you, like most, – I think – Manolo for the Brides readers aren’t tossing your bridal garter doesn’t mean that you can’t wear one tucked up underneath the crinoline layers of your wedding dress. Some brides even think it’s a hoot to choose a fun, sexy, or themed wedding garter that will only be seen by a few thigh VIPs. I didn’t toss mine, but I still wore one that was made just for me by a friend. I was so proud of it that there are pics of me showing it off to quite a few people, with my skirts hitched high, but not too high.

Had I not had a friend with sewing skills who offered to make my garter, I might have gone with a custom job from The Garter Girl (aka Julianne Smith). Her simple, stylish wedding garters are made of sweet stuff like grosgrain and satin ribbons, feathers, tulle flowers, jeweled brooches, silk, and pearls.

custom wedding garter 2


Just Because…

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

A woman on her wedding day is: sweet, starry-eyed, blissful, and romantic, right? Maybe, but it can be dangerous to generalize, especially when the blushing bride is brandishing firepower instead of flowers. Gun control politics aside, if you’re a bride who is happy to spend a day at the range (or in the wild, hunting critters) then why not pose with your favorite piece while wearing your wedding dress?

bride-with-gun 1


Unreal and Out of This World (But Doable)

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Ever get discouraged looking at all the staged wedding shoots in magazines (and, er, blogs)? I’m pretty sure that anyone who has decided to attempt some degree of wedding DIY has felt that way, and with good reason. Those wedding ceremonies, dessert buffets, and favors were all created by experienced vendors, arranged by designers, and shot by wedding photographers with all kinds of special lighting and cameras that cost a bazillion dollars. Oh, and let’s not forget that the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the bride and groom themselves are all sexyhot models! Sure, it’s all inspirational, but why should we, mere matrimonial mortals that we are, be able to replicate the work of seasoned pros?

Here are two examples:

pink and teal wedding

When I first came across an image from this series by the awesome Carla Ten Eyck Photography team, I assumed it must have come from a real wedding. But no. The fact that the backdrop was a kind of bombed-out looking warehouse clued me in to the skinny, which is that all of the photos were part of a workshop for wedding photographers. And what a workshop it must have been! (Hint: If you like what you see and are tying the knot in Conn., the list of vendors who participated in the shoot can be found at the top of the linked post.)

dessert buffet wedding

Then there’s this, an Amy Atlas dessert table featured in Brides Magazine. Manolo for the Brides hearts pretty much everything Amy Atlas touches in a big way, and this dessert buffet is no exception. The best part about Atlas’ post about the making of is that she includes a trio of behind-the-scenes shots, so you see a bit of how the pros have to start with a whole bunch of stuff and a table, just like everyone else.

Amazing? Yes. Gorgeous. Definitely? Doable? I like to think so, yeah, but only because so many awesome readers have shared their wedding photos with me after the fact and I’ve seen what y’all are capable of!

Which isn’t to say that you can just wing wedding DIY and have your efforts turn out looking like Amy Atlas broke into your wedding reception venue in the night to set things up. The best way to approach wedding DIY is to practice, practice, practice… well in advance of the big day. Maybe it will turn out that you’re a natural at putting together tablescapes (or creating centerpieces or designing wedding invitations), but do you want to find that out that you’re not when there’s no longer enough time to hire someone to do it for you? in short, wedding DIY is doable, even though a lot of vendors will try to tell you it’s not, but if you want your wedding to look as awesome as the staged wedding shoots, you’re going to have to put in the same level of effort!

Wedding Favors (and Gifts) That Require a Can Opener

Monday, April 19th, 2010

I had lunch with the awesome Carolyn Meenan of Bridaluxe the other day, and she suggested I tell you about this totally sweet – but unfortunately local – way of packaging bridesmaids gifts, groomsmen gifts, and maybe even wedding favors if you have an extra $4 per person sitting around in your wedding budget. I say local because I don’t know of anywhere other than Black Ink in Boston that lets you do this:

wedding favors in cans 2

That’s right, I’m talking about sealing your gifts or wedding favors into proper aluminum cans! I’m thinking this could be a lot of fun, whether on a large scale or a small scale, especially if you printed your own custom labels that feature your wedding colors. What fits in a can? A gorgeous necklace with a matching pair of earrings for your bridesmaids, perhaps. Or a whole lot of candy, if you’re buying for your wedding guests. Is there something a little weird about choosing a wedding favor guests have to wait to open? Well, you could thoughtfully have a can opener on hand for the uber curious!

So at four bucks a pop, canning your wedding favors isn’t exactly a budget option, but if you love the general idea and hate the price (or are simply not near anywhere with a U Can It machine) you could always choose a favor that fits well and looks good in a canning jar or spice jar. It’s a bit more rustic and not quite as mysterious, but it’s not that difficult to find bulk deals on canning jars so at least the price would be right.

canning jars wedding favors

With These Words….

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

As a writer, I tend to think words are pretty important. When it comes to your wedding, the words of your ceremony and particularly the vows themselves will be of considerable importance.

Many couples choose the traditional words of their shared faith for their wedding vows. Some will need to blend two traditional ceremonies, a feat best left to the couple and their officient(s) to work out. Still others will work with their spiritual leaders or secular officiants to create a slight variation on a traditional ceremony.

But if you plan to work outside the box and create your own ceremony more or less from scratch, I’ve got some advice to help you write something that you will find meaningful every time you think about it in the years to come.

Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Kinky Boots Edition: The Result

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Oh my dears.

Last week I bombarded you with this deathless image:
wedding-dress-funny and you whapped me back with seven hilarious captions.

You didn’t make it easy to choose by any means. In the end, though, there can be but one. This time it’s the inimitable Jo for this timely caution:

Bargain price dressmakers can be a false economy – you never know where they’re going to skimp on the material until it’s too late.

Congratulations, Jo! And thanks to everyone who played.